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I have to say I am MAJORLY impressed by this games vibe, as someone that watches 2001, Interstellar, Moon, Sunshine, and Alien just about annually, lonely sci-fi has always captivated me. The idea of hacking, camera-ing, and flying around this near-derelict space station is so friggin cool to me, but I think I might hate it. Theres something about getting lost 3 or 4 times within the span of an hour that really puts me off. Maybe I'm stupid, maybe the reviews seem a little high? For me it was a great vibes, lost between boring mini-games simulator.

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Don’t know if you got this far but I’m stuck. So without saying too much my current objective is to check my station alerts in regard to module un3.

But the station alerts are blank and I have the coolant network hub schematic (well a slightly corrupted one) but now I’m at an impasse ? Did you get past this point ?

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Silence, I got past that part tonight. Here's what I did, hope this helps:

- Move to system alerts tab in SamOS.

- Displayed several red, white, and green boxes. Clicking each of these brings up an alert, with white being priority.

- You need to report the alert to Emma, one at a time.

- Once I reported the coolant leak, she told me to take a look.

- In the coolant area, I found two halves of a coolant schematic, one in the computer, one on a paper on the wall.

- Aquiring both led to a new System Memory prompt to assemble the two together.

- The three coolant nodes could then be fixed by getting the number off the side, and inputting the correct schematic pattern.

- Then you use the hub to reboot the system and you're good to go.

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Bought this on friday and finished it yesterday, think it took me 3-4 hours? Technically it looks great, but like seemingly every Unity game on PS4, it doesn't run amazingly and at times gets really choppy with it's framerate. Luckily it's a slow-paced game and doesn't require precision, so tech hiccups don't get in the way of progressing.

Using the controller is also clunky at times and with some of the puzzles Abby mentioned in the QL, it can be extra frustrating to manage, but I do think it's more fun to get feedback with than a keyboard and a mouse would be.

All that aside, both the presentation and story were great! It didn't feel like it dragged on at any point and was told effectively.

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Finished it yesterday and I was extremely disappointed with it. Don’t get me wrong, the aesthetics is top notch and the story is fun pulp, but the design is so bad. Getting lost and not knowing what to do is never fun unless it’s kind of the point. I was also pretty annoyed that they subvert their concept almost right away by giving you access to a physical body, especially that the parts where you’re forced to use the cameras over the flying sphere are better in my opinion.

I suspect I would’ve liked it a lot more if the gameplay was just perfunctory and I never got stuck, but it’s not the case.

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@fear_the_booboo: Glad to see I'm not alone in my thinking, such cool vibes but a terribly wasted opportunity. The drone body made everything so much worse, remaining the mind behind the AI voice would have been way more engaging in this context.

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@bobulus: Thanks so much for this explanation! I was so lost

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@sahalarious: Ya I find myself just annoyed more than anything playing this so I may only continue using a walk through to not waste time

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I finished this game a few days ago. It isn't for everyone but personally I found it to be a pretty tight hard sci-fi movie like experience. For the sake of others I will not discuss the plot at all, I recommend experiencing it yourself.

However, as far as gameplay goes I was a little frustrated at the penultimate puzzle with some pixel hunting going on.

Played it on EGS with KB+Mouse and found the controls acceptable.

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Just finished it myself.

I really, really liked the premise and a lot of the exploratory parts of it. ultimately my disappointment comes from it wanting to be both pressingly urgent and also making concessions to being what amounts to an extremely well-made point and click adventure game. I don't regret my time with it at all and it's the first game we've had that even approaches what 2001 or Moon accomplished, but in the end I came away from it feeling as if it was vague for lack of a better way to communicate its message as opposed to being vague for the sake of that message, if that makes sense.

Regardless, I do really highly recommend it. The performances in the game, especially of Emma and of SAM himself, are excellent. As well, it represents a really fascinating half-step in the adventure game genre and mostly does a good job of translating that style of gameplay to a really complex and unusual 3D environment. And it lands itself on a short list of modern games (along with Prey, Dead Space 2 & 3) that dares to explore semi-realistic movement in a zero-G environment in a way that almost entirely relies on players figuring the space out themselves.

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I wish products like this had a tag in the title that said "no gameplay" so that those who seek gameplay in their games can quickly move along instead of having to click and watch and seek through videos before they realize the type of product it is.

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#12 Posted by Falk (142 posts) -

Just finished it and loved it. Shot up to the top of my GOTY list for now. I recently finished Sekiro, and this was such a great surprise of a game, compared to Sekiro which I am actually pretty disappointed with.

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