Oculus friends for leaderboards?

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#1 Posted by bibamatt (1132 posts) -

Tried to find a thread related to this - apologies if I've missed one!

None of my IRL gaming buddies have Rifts. Now that Touch has launched, I'd love more of a friend's list for leaderboard stuff in games like Space Pirate Trainer etc. Anyone wanna do some high score chasing?

I'm on Oculus as Bibamatt, same as my Giant Bomb username.

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#2 Posted by stugd (15 posts) -

Mine is stuey105

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#3 Posted by Pip_Fox (32 posts) -

Yeah I wouldn't mind some leaderboad races. Hit me up at PipFox

I would be down to play some games with fellow duders too if anyone here can go for that, or that dumb spay painting game. Whatevs.

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#4 Edited by TheAdmin (967 posts) -

@bibamatt looks like the connection wasn't making it easy to play together - maybe that'll get fixed soon.

Feel free to Add me fellow duders - name is Calydon.

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#5 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1431 posts) -

I came here looking for basically a giantbomb community oculus friend swap, sad there isn't one yet?

I should be DJJoeJoe on Oculus.

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#6 Edited by AtomicEdge (367 posts) -

I'm AtomicEdge on Oculus, hit me up if you want a friend!

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#7 Posted by fishwitheadphones (31 posts) -

Fishwitheadphones on Oculus.

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#8 Posted by The_Nubster (4094 posts) -

I'm AaronHeaton. That's right, my real name. What you gonna do about it.

The only Home game I play is SPT though so I don't know how fun I'll be.

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#9 Posted by extintor (1090 posts) -

I'm Extintor. 37. Duder since 2010. UK. Have touch controllers.

I'm playing Superhot VR a lot right now but would be up for trying some Dead and Buried (or other multiplayer stuff). Send me a friend request if you like?

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#10 Posted by Hosstile17 (844 posts) -

My Oculus ID is Hosstile17. Add me up!

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#11 Posted by Fredddi43 (495 posts) -

Im going to necro this thread, but since I just picked up a rift I wanna throw my hat in the ring. Also Fredddi43 on Oculus.

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#12 Posted by drewby132 (5 posts) -

Just got my rift this past weekend, drewby132 if anyone wants another friend!

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