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    Oddball, a 'kill the man with the ball' style of gametype present in the Halo series, tasks players with obtaining and maintaining possession of skulls around the level to earn points.

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    Game Options

    This gametype can be setup to play in various ways. 

    Free for All:

    In free for all mode, there is only one skull placed on the map at any given time, and players win by holding onto the skull for a predetermined amount of time. The amount of time each player has had the skull is totalled up over the course of a match, so this does not have to be accomplished in a single spawn.

    Team Games:

     In team oddball, the win conditions are similar to free for all, in that a predetermined amount of time for holding the skull must be reached. However, the game can be set up so that each team's accumulated total score is used, or simply that only the highest-scoring player on each team counts toward the win condition. Also, in team matches, the number of skulls present in the level can be increased past one.

    Skull Holders:

    Players who are carrying skulls can never use weapons or grenades, but can still melee for increased damage. However, additional settings can be tweaked to positively or negatively affect the player(s) who are in possession of skull(s). Such examples include being able to melee for a one-hit kill or the player being cloaked.


    Here is a list of some of the various types of oddball that can be played; most of the them are self-explanatory.


    Each player only has the rocket launcher as a weapon.


    Each player only has the sword as a weapon.


    Each player is given random weapons.

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