I have the shirt

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#1 Posted by Lotan (254 posts) -

I have a promo shirt of this game, but never played it past the first level.

I still have it after 13 years.


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#2 Posted by CaLe (4762 posts) -

Why are you feeling so sad today?

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#3 Posted by superpow (273 posts) -

That is quite sad. What was the point of this?

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#4 Posted by thefaulconer (67 posts) -

Well I enjoyed the shit out of Odium. So from where I'm sitting it's pretty fucking awesome that you have that shirt.

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#5 Posted by Emperor_Jimmu (263 posts) -

We are all very proud of you/on this journey with you/here for you if it all gets too much. This thread is very emotionally complex.

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#6 Posted by Firepaw (3085 posts) -


No seriously, what, at least post a picture or something goddammit.

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