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Oerba Dia Vanille is a resident of Gran Pulse and comes from the village of Oerba. Vanille lost her family during the War of Transgression between Gran Pulse and Cocoon and was taken to the villiage's orphanage. While there, she met and befriended Oerba Yun Fang and the two became very close. Fang decided to become an I'Cie so that she could protect Vanille and Gran Pulse and Vanille decided to tag along too. Both her and Fang were given the power of Ragnorok so they could complete their Focus and destroy Cocoon, but Vanille was afraid of the power so Fang became Ragnorok on her own.

Appearance and Personality



Height:161 cm (5'3")


Exclusive Skill: Death

Ultimate Weapon:Nirvana

Home: Oerba, Gran Pulse


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