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    OFF (sometimes known as OFF: A Nice Game For Cute Children) is a game created by a Belgian group called Unproductive Fun Time. In it, players control as a baseball batter tasked with clearing out the spirits that plague a strange world.

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    An RPG Maker RPG where players control The Batter, a character that is armed with a baseball bat. The game was made by Mortis Ghost, and the soundtrack is by Alias Conrad Coldwood.


    • The Player: Several of the characters, such as The Batter and The Judge, are aware of the person playing and will sometimes address him/her by name.
    • The Batter: The protagonist. Speaks in short sentences. His goal is to purify the land of spectres, and he will stop at nothing to complete his goal. Your job as The Player is to make sure his mission is completed. Uses a baseball bat as his preferred weapon, and is the only party member to learn an HP restoring spell. His character class is Saviour.
    • Add-Ons: Alpha, Omega, and Epsilon, a trio of rings that accompany The Batter as party members. Alpha is a heavy hitter, while Omega can heal status ailments, and Epsilon specializes in status buffs and multiple-enemy attacks. Their character classes are Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit.


    • The Judge: An eloquent talking cat with a large, sharp-toothed grin. He can be quite snarky, but at times shows fondness for The Batter and The Player. The Judge appears to be easily distracted by cat food. His dialogue is proceeded by a soft purring noise.
    • The Elsen: A race of timid men who populate the various Zones. Regardless of occupation, they all dress in suits and neckties. The Elsen breathe Smoke, and are involved in harvesting it, as well as manufacturing the three other elements (Metal, Plastic, and Meat).
    • Zacharie: A mask-wearing salesman who shows up in various areas and seems to have some knowledge of the fourth wall, making references to video game cliches. His dialogue is proceeded by a soft 'heh heh heh' chuckle.


    • Dedan: Zone 1's boss. Swears on a constant basis, and is always pushing The Eisen around.
    • Japhet: Zone 2's boss. Another talking cat, he built many things for The Elsen, like a library and a roller coaster. They were too timid to use either, so Japhet went insane.
    • Enoch: Zone 3's boss. He runs a sugar factory where the Elsen work, but they became addicted to it. He is the largest and most heavy-set of all of the bosses.

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