Boy, this game sure is horrible

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I'm someone who enjoyed many hours of Quake Live, and when I first came across this game by chance I said "Oh, here's a free to play browser FPS, I'll try it." This game is the most braindead shooter I've ever played. The guns feel extremely weak, and don't seem to have any kind of recoil or spread whatsoever. The big hook of this game is supposed to be how silly it is, but they can't even deliver on that. The humor of this game is juvenile at best, with most of the costume pieces being references to internet memes (rage faces, PB&J banana suit, etc). But perhaps the most offensive part of it is the concept of "pwning", which basically lets you do a taunt over the corpse of an enemy, with such tasteful abilities as teabagging.

The other awful side of this game is the business model. You name a gimmick you've seen in an F2P game, and I'm sure this one has it (consumables, gun rental, slot machines). Gun rental in particular is something that I absolutely despise, and it caused me to give up on Blacklight: Retribution, a game that I actually thought was pretty good. Bottom line folks, don't touch this piece of trash with a 10 foot pole.

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Well....I've never heard of this game before so I guess I'll continue not caring about it

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Man, I just want to play this game now to see just how bad it is.

EDIT: I guess the internet is protecting me from the game, every time I try to load up a game it says I have an invalid token. I think I'll just slowly back away from this.

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It's sad that there is a shooter with a  sillier sounding name than MoH: Warfighter.

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Good thing I got this eleven-foot pole. Knew it'd be useful someday.

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Would you say that it is offensive?

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@Godlyawesomeguy said:

Would you say that it is offensive?

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@Godlyawesomeguy said:

Would you say that it is offensive?

Indeed, sadly for the game its Uwe Boll movie offensive and not Saint's Row The Third offensive.

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@DarkShaper said:

It's sad that there is a shooter with a sillier sounding name than MoH: Warfighter.

yes but is it sillier than WARFACE

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@Animasta: tough call.... Wait. What about a game that was called Offensive Warfighter: WARFACE?

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