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Officer Kurosawa first appears in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. He is a police officer that works at the station in Paulownia Mall. He serves the role of the game's weapon and armor shop, selling weapons, armor, and various equipment for each of the SEES party members. Although not knowing much about the mysteries behind the Shadows and Tartarus, he is very aware that strange things are indeed going on around Port Island. Regardless, he has decided to support SEES in any way he can. Officer Kurosawa is available all throughout the day, but is on patrol in the evenings. He sells his equipment at a discount if the player visits the police station on Mondays.

Persona 3 Portable

Officer Kurosawa's role in Persona 3 Portable is the same as in the original, with the addition of selling accessories. A public notice board also appears in the police station, periodically giving the player information on missing people who are trapped within Tartarus (in which either Elizabeth or Theodore state what floor they are in). If the player successfully rescues them before the deadline, Officer Kurosawa will grant the party bonuses such as skill cards and rare equipment.

He also makes a brief appearance in one of Koromaru's Social Link events when the player plays through the game as female protagonist.

Persona 4 Arena

In Persona 4 Arena, it is revealed that Kurosawa has been promoted to detective, and still works closely with Mitsuru and her Shadow Operatives organization.

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