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Fortress Craknek
Fortress Craknek

Oggok is home to Norrath's ogre population. Located in the northern reaches of the jungle known as The Feerrott, Oggok was founded before the curse laid upon Zek's children by The Rathe, but the founders' children were the first to show signs of the curse's effects. A few remnants of the ogres of old remain in the design of the city, but today's ogres have ruined most of it with rudimentary stone slabs. The city does offer many shops, taverns, and craftsmen, but not in any structured sense like most cities. The merchants seem scattered aimlessly throughout Oggok. The dark elves, who have a trade agreement with the ogres, take advantage of the dimwitted behemoths quite often. Those not on good relations with the ogres, or any who get out of line, will be swiftly dealt with by the city's guards, known as Bouncers.

Neighboring Zones

Starting City


  • Clurg
  • Craknek Warriors
  • Green Blood Knights
  • Merchants of Oggok
  • Oggok Guards
  • Shamen of War

Guild Halls

Guild NameClassesGuildmasterChurch
Berserkers' GuildBerserkersBaddi Waca
Fortress CraknekWarriorsGuntrikRallos Zek
Greenblood RockShaman, BeastlordsBordag (BST)
Marda (SHM)
Murdunk's PalaceShadow KnightsSoonog

Commerce & Crafting

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Cikoona's Hack Bash n' JabWeapons
Citadel of PraakFletching
Clurg's BarFood, Water, AlcoholBrewingBrew Barrel
The Ded EndFoodOven
Gropp's GuardsShields
The HumidorWeaponsAlchemy
Lether ArmerLeather Armor, Cloth Armor
Metil ArmerPlate Armor, Chain ArmorForge
Oggok ForgeBlunt WeaponsSmithingOggok Forge
Oggok's KeepBank
The Welcome MattFood, Water, General Supplies
West TunnelsFood, Water, BootsTailoring, PotteryPottery Wheel, Kiln, Loom


Notable NPCs

Clurg's Bar
Clurg's Bar

Notable Items

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