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    A dwarf berserker within Orzammar who becomes a companion to the Warden.

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    Oghren is a drunk who is desperately looking for his love, Branka, in the deep roads by Orzammar. He will join the Wardens party during the quest "A Paragon of her Kind". Oghren is a skilled berserker who uses two handed weapons, and it is quite easy to get his approval stat up. Being the drunk that he is, Oghren knows his liquors and will subsequently discuss them with anyone who will listen. He also seems to have somewhat of a romantic interest in Wynne.

    He is voiced by Steve Blum.


    Oghren is the only playable character from Origins that returns as a playable character in Awakening. The Warden will encounter Oghren during the first quest at Vigil's Keep. Oghren may possibily undergoe the joining during Awakening, if the Warden-Commander will accept him, thus becoming a Grey Warden as well. Through approval from Oghren, the Warden can learn about his time after the events of Origins. This includes the discovery that Oghren reconnected with his old love Felsi and conceived a child.

    Raising Oghren's approval meter.

    Through both Origins and Awakening, Oghren greatly agrees to gifts of alcohol.

    Through conversations, Oghren prefers the Warden-Character agree with his views on violence and a sharing of bloodlust for battle. Whenever drunk however, Oghren is found to be surprisingly insecure and would much like the character to simply go along with his drunken antics rather than be yelled at or mocked.


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