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    Ogres are large, grotesque, barbaric humanoid creatures. They are generally not very intelligent, but make up for that with their unmatched strength used to crush and maim their foes.

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    Ogres were created by the Warlord, Rallos Zek, as the greatest race of soldiers ever created. The Ogres of ancient times were also highly intelligent and wielded powerful magics along with their brute strength, but their vanity became their downfall as they attempted an assault, along with Zek's other creations (giants and goblins) upon the gods themselves. In defeat, Zek's children were cursed by the other gods. The giants are almost completely extinct; the goblins' history was eradicated; and Ogres lost all their intelligence. The Ogres of today are forced to rely primarily on their size and unmatched strength to crush their foes. Some Ogres have retained enough wisdom to become Shaman and some struggle to learn the ways of necromancy by becoming Shadow Knights. But, most commonly, Ogres leave Oggok on a warpath of destruction as the most fearsome Warriors in all of Norrath. Ogres are friendly with neighboring Trolls and are tolerated by the Dark Elves, while some Ogres have gone out of their way to prove themselves to the Humans and are allowed in Freeport. All Ogres have the ability to Slam (stun) opponents, infravision to see in the swamp's darkness, and wear only large armor. They are also weak to fire.


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