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Ōkamiotoko is a Tetris Battle Gaiden character. He is an anthropomorphic, cycloptic, samurai wolf bedecked with jingasa, horo and katana.

His Crystal Powers are:

Level 1: カット Katto (Cut)

Eliminates top four rows of your stack.

Level 2: ヌー Nū

Prevents fast-drop for the opponent's next four tetraminos.

Level 3: ナカヨシ Nakayoshi (仲好) (Bosom Buddy)

While activated, any rows sent over by the opponent lowers, rather than raises your stack. Rows sent over by Crystal Powers are not affected.

Level 4: ドトツ Dototsu

Enables rensa mode for the next four tetraminos in your field: when completing a line, all pieces of tetramino (except Crystal Orbs and pieces above) will continue falling until coming to rest on the stack or hitting the bottom of the field. Additional lines may be completed in this manner.

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