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    Old Man Daidara

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    Daidara (Deidara in Japanese) is an old man who tends a shop in the lower shopping district in the town of Inaba in Persona 4.

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    Old Man Daidara is the owner of the weapon and armor shop within Persona 4. The player can bring him items won by defeating enemies in TV world, which he can then use to create newer and more powerful weapons and armor. Daidara is a proud man who greatly values aiding others in any way he can, whether it be creating "art" for the investigation team, or making baubles and fireworks for local festivals. Daidara generally loves to see people smile because of his work; bringing happiness to others in his own way is, in his words "An amazing feeling."

    In Persona 4: The Animation

    Daidara appears briefly in Persona 4: The Animation, the television series adaptation of the game's story. In "A Stormy Summer Vacation, Part 1", Nanako Dojima saves him from choking. Daidara then thanks Nanako, who notices the emblem on his jacket that says "Fireworks" and asks him if he makes fireworks. Daidara responds that he indeed does, and that he loves to watch the expressions on people's faces when he sets off his fireworks, which are like art to him. He tells Nanako that making someone smile is an amazing feeling and the mark of amazing person.

    Nanako takes this to heart and finds Yu Narukami, who she had been searching for and tailing for the previous three days in an effort to see why he was coming home so late and generally being gone. Yu greets Nanako with a surprised expression on his face, before Yu has time to explain, several of the people Yu had been spending time with, who are all characters from the game the player had the chance to form bonds with through social links, come up to him and thank him, then introducing themselves to Nanako. At the end of the day Nanako comments on Yu's actions, telling him that he is amazing for making so many people smile.


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