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    An inspiring Sister from the Void / Tension.

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    Sister Ole

    is a pacifistic and calm Sister. She accepts the Colors of Amber and Violet. Her associated Brother is Pit. Her chamber connects to the chambers of Ima and Ire. Her area is called Ole's flat, and is in essence a regular apartment one might see in Russia, but with creepy creaking and ghostly whispering. She is huddled in the window next to the piano, staring out onto the other buildings. Her obscura is her with a swing, which she uses more and more once she gets more hearts.

    It is implied that Ole was born specifically for the player. The player is intended to become her Brother.

    If you ascend Ole, she gives you this poem:

    “The ones who saw the dreams and knew the names, who heard the grasses talking to each other... Who learned the will of their ancient father and listened to the songs of tidal waves... The ones whose souls have been purified, the ones harnessed to the pain of challenge... Who lit the mystic candles on the fringe, who became a purer shade of darkest nights... Who didn't squeeze their grape to sinful flass and didn't seek the joys of earthly leisure. Not in the priestess' dance nor in the pleasure... But who descended into Hell's morass to meet their shadow at the very bottom. They don't expect hearts with love to blossom.”


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