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    Oleg Kirrlov

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    Oleg Kirrlov is a giant member of The Saints and is over eight feet tall. His brute strength is matched by a gifted intellect.

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    Oleg Kirrlov is a giant, brutish looking member of the Third Street Saints that appears in Saints Row: The Third. He was taken for cloning purposes by the Syndicate, and is the genesis of the "Brutes" as they are called in-game, though he has no love for them nor for the Syndicate in general. Although the Syndicate managed to successfully clone Oleg's brute physicality, they keep him prisoner in their lab due to their inability to clone his equally gifted intellect. After he is freed by the Boss, Pierce, and Shaundi, he agrees to aid the Saints in the destruction of the Syndicate and becomes a member of their gang.

    Oleg directly aids the Boss on several missions, and is capable of engaging Brutes hand-to-hand with ease. He is also seen playing chess against Pierce on several occasions, and while Pierce is not an apparent match for Oleg, the matches always end inconclusively. Oleg also has a hatred of Emus, a type of smart car, that is stated as irrational by his own admission. This hatred is brought on by the small size of the car, and one of the challenges in Saints Row: The Third involves destroying a total of fifty Emus.


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