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    Olette is one of the residents of Twilight Town.

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    Olette is a resident of Twilight Town, and friends with Pence, Hayner, and Roxas that first appeared in Kingdom Hearts II. She's the most responsible of the group, in that while she loves to have fun during her summer vacation, she'll always remind her friends that they also have homework to do. She's also somewhat of a tomboy, making her "one of the guys".

    Olette's design and personality appear to have been created as a contrast to that of Fuu. Whereas Olette is open, talkative, and wears warm colors, Fuu is quiet, speaks very few words, and wears cooler colors. Each of the girls is also part of rival trios; Olette with Hayner and Pence, Fuu with Seifer and Rai.


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