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    Olga Gurlukovich

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    Olga originally helped lead the terrorist group to take over the tanker in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of the Patriots. In the second half of the game she helps Raiden as the cyborg ninja to stop the terrorist threat on the Big Shell.

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    As Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty progresses we get to see two very different sides of Olga's character. In the Tanker portion of the story Solid Snake is forced to fight a very pregnant Olga shortly after the GRU soldiers take over the ship in a big to steal the Metal Gear prototype being transported. Olga's father is killed on the tanker and in the years that pass between the Tanker and Big Shell incident (which takes place in 2009) Olga becomes an ally to our heroes.

    Her motives are solely for the safety of her daughter who has been kidnapped by the Patriots. Olga becomes the second person to take on the persona of the Cyborg Ninja, and assists Raiden and Snake at various portions of the game, revealing herself in the conclusion of the story. It transpires that the true objective of the Big Shell incident was to train Raiden to become a supremely talented soldier, on the level of Solid Snake, and that he was equipped with neural implants connected to similar implants placed in Olga's daughter.

    If Raiden had died, no matter the circumstances, the implants would have killed Olga's daughter as well. She dies at the hands of Solidus Snake (a.k.a. George Sears), taking a gunshot wound meant for Raiden, therefore protecting her daughter, in one of the cutscenes after Raiden's battle against the RAY army.

    In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which takes place in 2014, Olga's then seven-year-old daughter Sunny Gurlukovich now lives on board the Nomad with Otacon and Solid Snake. It is made apparent through dialogue that at some point between 2009 and 2014, Raiden (who had by then become the third Cyborg Ninja) stormed whatever stronghold the Patriots were holding Sunny in, and rescued the girl from their control.

    The exact details of this mission are never explained. Sunny is revealed to be a budding computer genius, who was already extremely talented in programming and encryption at the age of seven, and was expected to change the very science of computing by the time she grew up.


    • According to the script for Metal Gear Solid 2, the reason why President Johnson had grabbed Raiden's crotch was because he mistook him for Olga. Because of this, some believe that Olga was supposed to kill James Johnson at his/the Patriots requests, given what he said to Raiden before realizing his mistake.
    • Olga (in Substance) and Meryl (in The Twin Snakes) use the same chracter model, with exception to the hair and clothing. Also, they share the same Japanese voice actor.
    • When Olga, in the guise of "Mr. X", met Raiden, after Raiden killed Fatman, she stated that she was "neither enemy nor friend." This was the same line said by Gray Fox, the first Cyborg Ninja, during Metal Gear Solid, when he met Solid Snake. Grey Fox also went by the moniker Mr. X while dealing with Snake. This same line was later spoken by weapon merchant Drebin 893 to Old Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4.

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