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    Olivia Ofrenda

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    The ultra-hip owner of the Blue Casket nightclub in Rubacava.

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    Olivia Ofrenda is a minor character in the 1998 LucasArts adventure game Grim Fandango. She is the proprietor of the Blue Casket, an ultra-hip nightclub in Rubacava that is typically frequented by groups of poetry-spouting beatniks. Olivia's role is that of the femme fatale noir archetype; in her own words, she has "a taste for really bad men" and pursues three separate relationships with various unsavory characters through the course of the story. Olivia eventually betrays LSA members Salvador Limones and Manny Calavera at the orders of her latest lover, crime boss Hector LeMans. She is subsequently sprouted by Salvador's disembodied skull when, during an interrogation by Olivia, Salvador suddenly bites down on his fake tooth and releases a cloud of deadly Sproutella directly into Olivia's face.

    Olivia sometimes recites poetry at her own club despite her insistence that such self-aggrandizing behavior in front of an audience is beneath her. She has also been known to appropriate passages from other lesser-known poets and present them as her own, claiming that she is simply paying "homage" when Manny calls her out for plagiarism.


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