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Olivia's Mystery is a puzzle game published by Altron and developed by an unknown contract developer. It features a story, told with scrolling text, that every so often segues to one of the game's puzzles.

The game's puzzles resemble normal jigsaw puzzles: the player has to take several pieces, often flipping them vertically or horizontally, and place them in their correct locations on a grid. The complication is that the image is animating in a constant loop. Often, this provides a hint as to the correct orientation of the piece (if a figure is climbing a wall, for instance, all the wall pieces should be scrolling downwards), but is often used by the game to be disorienting.

The game was released exclusively for the Japanese Super Famicom in February 1994. it was never localized into English. It did, however, see a sequel of sorts later the same year: Ugoku E Ver. 2.0: Aryol.

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