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    Olu is a 2010 Xbox Live Indie Game with a striking resemblance to the classic shooter Rez.

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    Olu is a game available on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel for 240 Microsoft Points.   It was released on April 11, 2010.


    The gameplay of Olu is heavily inspired by the game Rez, created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi.  The player is guided in an on-rails manner and locks on to enemy targets, releasing the trigger to shoot them down.
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    Different from the inspiration for the game, there are two classes of enemies: digital and analog.  The player has an analog weapon on one of the triggers and a digital weapon on the other.  Firing a digital weapon at an analog enemy (or vice versa) will garner the player more points. 
    In another difference: smart bombs (called Overdrive in this game as it was in Rez) are earned not by finding power-ups, but by shooting down enemies, making a meter fill up.  There is both an analog and a digital meter, and filling one up will reward the player with the appropriate shot of overdrive ammunition.


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    The visual and aural style of the game are directly inspired by Rez.  Wireframe graphics and neon colors dominate, while attacks add synthesizer notes to the game's existing electronic soundtrack.  There is also pulsating force feedback.

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