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    Olympic Soccer

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 18, 1996

    An association football (soccer) game based around the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

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    Olympic Soccer is a soccer game developed by U.S Gold and published by Eidos Interactive in lieu of the 1996 Summer Olympic games held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The game is split into four main game modes for players to choose from, with standard Exhibition, Arcade, League modes included alongside a simulation of the Olympic competition from Atlanta in 1996.

    A tally of 32 teams are included in the game, with the 16 teams who qualified for the real life tournament at the Olympics as well as 16 developer selected teams. These range from eventual gold medallists Nigeria, hosts the USA, the un-qualified China and even a faux-England team (as England don't compete in Olympic competition as a single country). Additionally, player names were fake and not licensed for use.

    Up to four players can play the game through use of the Multitap accessory, with a two player mode being available for players without the eponymous extneral add-on. A computer-controlled demo of the game can be selected via the menu, showing two teams playing against each other without player input.

    The game features some unique commentary from radio-host Alan Green -- as evidenced by his "Whack!" exclamation when players would shoot -- as well as 18 different camera angles, motioned captured animations and polygonal object modelling in a real time 3D engine.

    Gameplay contains a few additions that set it apart from other luminaries of the time (Actua Soccer, Kick Off, Adidas Power Soccer), including the ability to alter the flight of a ball in mid-air, allowing for extensive curve, swerve and movement to elude goalkeeping AI. This ability could be classified as a 3D representation of the mechanic found in the popular Sensible Soccer franchise or the Xbox Live Arcade release Fitba, which pays homage to the former.

    The game also has several notable glitches, for example; if your player runs at a 45 degree angle to the corner of the box and shot, it is almost impossible for the goal keeper to save it, resulting in a goal more often than not. This glitch can be exploited to hang large scores on opponents. Also, shooting at the corner flag can also result in a glitched goal.


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