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    Omega Boost

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 31, 1999

    Omega Boost is a 3D shoot'em up developed by Polyphony Digital, makers of the Gran Turismo series, for the Sony PlayStation.

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    Omega Boost takes place in the year 2099, wherein a Sentient computer program, Alpha Core, has practically taken over the world. The player character is Lieutenant Lester, the pilot of Omega Boost, one of a series of humanoid mecha. In the opening FMV cutscene (featuring live actors and computer generated backdrops in the style of Wing Commander and Command and Conquer), Lester is tasked with travelling to Alpha Core's "Time Shaft", a space cannon which allows things flying through it to fly to a pre-determined time, to go back to the time when ENIAC (the first general purpose electronic computer) was invented and swap out a defective vacuum tube which spawns the Alpha Core virus for a new one.The destruction of Manhattan and Tokyo by the computer system Alpha Core is announced via intercom, and Lester is called to board Omega Boost. Upon starting a new campaign, the player is delivered to Planet ETA, which houses the Time Shaft. The player is ordered to destroy the many orbital and planet-based defenses, presumably controlled by Alpha Core, in order to enter the Timeshaft and fix ENIAC.


    The player can control the titular Omega Boost from both a first- and third-person perspective on the fly by pressing Select. The control scheme can be set so that thrusters are either always active, meaning constant forward movement with the ability to stop by holding R1, or the opposite (move by holding R1).

    By dragging the lock-on cursor over an enemy or target (the number of targets you can acquire at once starts at six and increases parallel with your level progression), Omega Boost launches a series of missile-like green homing lasers. Additionally, Omega Boost can perform a special attack called Viper Boost, in which the mech is engulfed in a blue aura while rapidly colliding into all onscreen enemies, which instantly destroys all non-boss enemies (bosses suffer significant damage).


    14 tracks was composed and performed by CMJK. Different releases of the game had different opening and ending themes. The US version used "Fly" by Loudmouth as the opening song and "The Road" as the ending theme also by Loudmouth. The Japanese release used "Shade" by Feeder as the opening song and "Ismeel" as the ending theme by Dip in the Pool. The EU/AUS version used an updated version of "Dreamer" by Cast for both the opening and ending as well as the final boss.


    Famed anime creator and mecha designer Shoji Kawamori designed the mecha of Omega Boost.

    The visual style of Omega Boost's homing lasers is extremely similar to the "Itano Circus", an attack animation created by animator Ichiro Itano in which a great number of missiles and their contrails are depicted blooming from the rear of the titular mecha out in a forward motion. The trajectories are commonly animated as though they are truly moving individually, and inspired many in the industry to use similar conventions in their own productions. Kawamori worked with Itano on the Macross series of mecha anime, starting with Super Dimensional Fortress Macross in 1982, in which the Itano Circus was originally used.

    The Viper Boost concept and animation borrows heavily from the V-MAX system in the 1985-86 giant robot anime Blue Comet SPT Layzner.

    Omega Boost is brought up in the song My Console by Eiffel 65

    Of all the games Polyphony Digitalhas created, Omega Boost was the only shoot 'em up. They are best known vehicle racing simulators.

    Omega Boost was one of few PS1 era games to run at 60 frames per second


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