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Omega Pirate Artwork
Omega Pirate Artwork
The largest and most powerful of the Space Pirates' original forays into Phazon mutation, the Omega Pirate is the boss of the Phazon Mines area of Metroid Prime. The Omega Pirate, as well as being armed with wave quake generators, a dual plasma cannon weapon system and a cloaking device, has the ability to regenerate its wounds by absorbing Phazon.

To defeat it, Samus must first destroy the Phazon crystals on its shoulder and knee joints with attacks from either her Beam weapons or missiles. After they are destroyed, the Omega will call for reinforcements and cloak itself, leading to the appearance of multiple Beam Troopers who will act as a distraction while the Omega regenerates. Putting on the X-Ray visor will allow Samus to see the Omega Pirate, who is vulnerable in its cloaked form. If Samus doesn't succeed in doing enough damage to kill the Omega while it's regenerating, its Phazon crystals will regenerate and must be destroyed again. It is recommended to get rid of the Beam Troopers before attempting this again, as causing the Omega to begin regenerating will cause more to arrive. After it is defeated, the Omega collapses on Samus and dissolves into Phazon, giving her the Phazon Suit upgrade.

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