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    Omega Supreme

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    A character from the original G1 cartoon Transformers at last making his video game appearance as an end boss in Transformers War for Cybertron. He is one of the most powerful Autobots to ever exist.

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    Omega is an original Transformers character who first appeared in the 1980s comic series published by Marvel called The Transformers; a comic inspired by a line of Japanese robot toys called Diaclones which later spawned a now famous animated series, further lines of popular toys, films and video games.

    Omega's Story

    Omega Supreme was once the guardian of Crystal City on Cybertron. During the early stages of the Autobot and Decepticon wars he befriended the city's creators; the Constructicons. Little did he know this friendship would not last as it wasn't long until Megatron captured the Constructicons and had them converted in to loyal Decepticons.   Megatron used their relationship with Omega to his advntage, having them convince the giant to leave his post so he could fight alongside his Autobot brothers while they defended the city.   The truth of this would later haunt Omega for many years as upon returning he discovered Crystal City had been utterly annihilated by the very Cybertronians he once called friends.  
    Omega hunted down the Constructicons and attempted to reason with them, to have them become Autobots once more but unfortunately the process to become a Decepticon was irreversable.   Megatron tired to use the very same device he had been using to build his armies on Omega but he destroyed it before it could succeed. 
    The original toy
    The original toy

    Because of these events Omega found it difficult to follow orders or believe what even his Autobot brothers told him from this point onwards, going so far as to ignore Optimus Primes orders when he is later stationed on earth.   While he is the most powerful autobot, his stubborness and general low intelligence prevented him from ever being the ultimate weapon he was capable of becoming.  That said every time their was ever a an attempt at his life he would always win as his power was surpassed only by Primus himself.   


    It is currently unknown what story surrounds his presence in the upcoming game Transformers War for Cybertron or what form he takes other than his robot mode. He is the final boss the Decepticons will have to encounter and no doubt it will be an intense fight.
    Megs vs Omega in WfC
    Megs vs Omega in WfC

    Animated Appearances:
    Transformers G1 - 1985 as his original comic accurate space station / space rocket / tank form.
    Transformers Energon - 2004  as a battle train and warship
    Transformers Animated - 2008 as the Autobot spaceship 
    Video Game Appearances:
    Transformers: War for Cybertron 
    The 1985 Omega Supreme Toy is now highly collectable as it was one of the low-number produced more expensive figures of the original line of toys, selling for up to $500 US on Ebay.
    Characters similar to Omega (in that they were big, powerful and had expensive toys) are Metroxplex, Trypticon and Fortress Maximus; all of which were portable bases.
    Trypticon is the godzilla-esc end boss of the Autobot campaign in Transformers War for Cybertron.
    For some reason in Transformers lore the bigger you are the dumber you have to be with all the giant characters being drastically unintelligent.

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