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    A space station built out of the remains of a metallic asteroid which is home to many criminals and mercenaries. Commander Shepard visits during the events of Mass Effect 2 to recruit people for his team.

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    Omega floating in space
    Omega floating in space

    Omega is located, strangely enough, in the Omega Nebula, which itself is situated in the Sahrabarik system. Originally, Omega was just an asteroid that the Protheans tried to mine for its element zero. However, the rock soon proved to be impenetrable, so they gave up. The asteroid ended up colliding with another several thousands of years later, which split it in half and exposed its element zero for the Protheans to gather.

    Much like the California Gold Rush on Earth, many corporations saw this asteroid as an opportunity to become rich, so they, along with bands of outlaws, bandits, and thieves, flocked to the rock and established facilities for processing. Omega eventually developed into a center for drug and weapon trade as well as other mercenary activities. Omega has never had a government; however, the asari Aria T'Loak was able to assume control of the rock and has much influence over the people.

    To protect the inhabitants of Omega, huge mass effect field generators were created that surround the asteroid and repulse incoming debris.

    Different races have their own names for this asteroid:

    • Humans - Omega
    • Asari - "the heart of evil"
    • Salarian - "the place of secrets"
    • Turian - "the world without law"
    • Krogan - "the land of opportunity"

    Mass Effect 2

    The Afterlife club on Omega
    The Afterlife club on Omega

    Commander Shepard and his team travel to Omega to find Archangel and Mordin Solus. To recruit Archangel, Shepard joins the Blue Suns mercenary group as another freelancer and joins the assault to take down Archangel. However, Shepard needs him alive, so he inevitably turns on the Blue Suns and rescues Archangel.

    Mordin Solus, an experienced scientist, is found treating victims of a plague caused by the vorcha. Shepard destroys many of the vorcha and cures the plague by inserting the cure into the air system. Impressed, Mordin joins the team, which unlocks the tech lab on the Normandy SR-2.


    • Population: 7.8 million
    • Orbital Distance: 2.43 AU
    • Orbital Period: 6.9 Earth Years
    • Total Length: 44.7 Km

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