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    A seemingly omnipresent toy chao. How does he get everywhere so fast? Must be the propeller on his head...

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    Omochao is a wind-up toy chao with a propeller on his head.

    Apparently neutral, Omochao is seen giving helpful hints to both hero and dark characters during the course of Sonic Adventure 2. He is also seen in the Sonic Riders series, serving as both helpful guide and race announcer. Proving his diverse array of talents, he's also the fair and impartial referee during Mario & Sonic's appearances at the Olympic Games. Most recently, Omochao has returned to guide the player in Sonic Generations (if omochao hints are on in the main menu).

    He has also appeared as an item in some games. In Sonic Battle, Cream uses Omochao bombs as her trap attack, and Shadow the Hedgehog has an unlockable Omochao Gun, which shoots Omochao heads that can bounce off walls and kill most non-boss enemies in one shot.

    His name is a pun on the Japanese "omocha" (玩具, "toy") and "Chao."

    As of this writing, Laura Bailey is the current voice actress for Omochao. Omochao has also been voiced by Lani Minella, Liza Jacqueline, and Rebecca Handler.


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