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    One Must Fall: 2097

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 15, 1994

    A 2D sci-fi fighting game released by Epic MegaGames, pitting giant robots against one another in futuristic 2097. It was late re-released as a freeware title.

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    One Must Fall: 2097 is a 2D sci-fi mecha fighting game developed by Diversions Entertainment and published by Epic MegaGames for MS-DOS PCs on October 1994. It was later re-released by Diversions, as freeware, on February 10, 1999.

    Set in futuristic 2097, the game puts players in the role of a remote pilot of giant robots known as HARs (Human Assisted Robots) as they battle other HARs in a tournament of one-on-one skirmishes, hosted by the dominant multinational corporation known as WAR (World Aeronautics and Robotics), to determine who will represent a new colony in the moon of Ganymede.

    Based on the team's earlier 1993 prototype known simply as One Must Fall (with a generic karate theme), One Must Fall: 2097 is known for its sci-fi mech theme, multiple game modes (including a single-player career mode and online/networked multiplayer), and tracker music from demoscene artist Kenny Chou (previously known for Zone 66).

    It later received a sequel in 2003, titled One Must Fall: Battlegrounds. Unlike this game, Battlegrounds is a third-person behind-the-back arena brawler.


     The Robot Selection Screen
    The Robot Selection Screen

    The game includes 11 playable HARs to pilot, each with their own series of special moves and weaponry. Their overall stats and color scheme, however, are determined by their pilot character.

    Each robot has their own list of special moves, some of which are enhanced by enabling Hyper Mode (such as allowing some moves to be executed while in the air).

    • Jaguar - Uses an aerial throw, a tiger-like pounce, and an eye-beam as special attacks.
    • Shadow - Uses a shadow projection to attack opponents with its special attacks.
    • Thorn - Has several protruding spikes that it uses with special attacks.
    • Pyros - Has two exhaust pipes that shower the opponent with flames.
    • Electra - Generates electrical current through its hands and body.
    • Katana - Has two pendulum-like apparatuses for hands, and uses them in special attacks.
    • Shredder - Has two shredding teeth collections for hands.
    • Flail - Only robot that isn't bipedal, it uses wheels, and two flails kept on the upper part of its body.
    • Gargoyle - Can fly with the wings on its back, and uses aerial attacks for its special moves.
    • Chronos - Uses techniques that alter time, allowing it to transport and freeze the enemy.
    • Nova - Largest of all of the HARs. Used for certain boss characters and cannot be played in the standard One Player and Two Player modes without a cheat code.

    Standard Pilots

     The Pilot Selection Screen
    The Pilot Selection Screen

    In One Player and Two Player modes, players have immediate access to all HARs and ten Pilots with pre-determined stats (Power, Agility, and Endurance).

    Through cheats, players can alter the stats of each character.

    Pilot NamePowerAgilityEndurance
    Crystal Devroe5169
    Steffan Thomas1398
    Milano Angston7204
    Christian Devroe9715
    Cossette Akira1488


    • Major Hans Kreissack - Final Boss. Unplayable. Always fights as Nova.
    • Fire - Hidden opponent. Unplayable. Always fights as Katana.
    • Ice - Hidden opponent. Unplayable. Always fights as Shadow.

    Tournament Mode

    The game's main career mode, Tournament Mode allows players to create their own customizable pilot, enhance their HAR, and rise up the ranks of each of the four tournaments.

    Each new pilot starts with the Jaguar HAR, and can use their winnings to either increase their pilot's stats (Power, Agility, and Endurance) through training, enhance their HAR's abilities (arm/leg power, arm/leg strength, and damage/stun resistance), or "trade up/down" for a new HAR model.

    In addition, players can unlock special enhancements for their HAR model by defeating specific hidden opponents.


    The game includes four tournaments, with each subsequent tournament having more difficult opponents, more expensive entrance fees, and more expensive repairs. However, players earn more rewards for winning in harder tournaments.

    Players start each tournament at the bottom rank, and must progress up the ranks by defeating opponents (with defeats causing the player to falter back to earlier opponents).

    North American Open

    1. Raven (Pyros)
    2. Crystal (Jaguar)
    3. Ibrahim (Thorn)
    4. Jack (Shadow)
    5. Dr. Lynn Yarr (Jaguar)
    6. Shirro (Thorn)
    7. Milano (Jaguar)
    8. Jean Paul (Shadow)
    9. Steffan (Jaguar)
    10. Cossette (Shadow)

    Hidden opponents in this tournament include Christian (Jaguar), Jazzy (Jaguar), Steel Claw (Thorn), and Iceman (Shadow).

    Katushai Challenge

    1. Jaqouline (Pyros)
    2. Prince Vassar (Gargoyle)
    3. Steel Claw (Flail)
    4. Killian (Shadow)
    5. Marissa (Pyros)
    6. Nathaniel (Electra)
    7. Ariel (Gargoyle)
    8. Eva O'Ryan (Katana)
    9. Jacob (Thorn)
    10. James (Electra)
    11. Steffan (Jaguar)

    Hidden opponents in this tournament include Angel (Gargoyle), Selenna (Katana), and Devan Shell (Flail).

    WAR Invitational

    1. Nicoli (Shadow)
    2. Bruce (Jaguar)
    3. Selenna (Katana)
    4. Crystal (Gargoyle)
    5. Jahrod (Flail)
    6. Marissa (Jaguar)
    7. Christian (Shredder)
    8. Rolland (Jaguar)
    9. Scarlet (Shredder)
    10. Milano (Shredder)
    11. Veronica (Chronos)

    Hidden opponents in this tournament include Eva Earlong (Shadow), Killian (Electra), and Bethany (Shredder).

    World Championship

    1. Ian Tavares (Nova)
    2. Jaqouline (Pyros)
    3. Bruce (Pyros)
    4. Prince Vassar (Chronos)
    5. Salenna (Katana)
    6. Jahrod (Jaguar)
    7. Raven (Katana)
    8. Steel Claw (Flail)
    9. Jack (Shredder)
    10. Christian (Shredder)
    11. Crystal (Electra)
    12. Rolland (Gargoyle)
    13. Eva O'Ryan (Jaguar)
    14. Killian (Shadow)
    15. Marissa (Jaguar)
    16. Ibrahim (Thorn)
    17. Scarlet (Katana)
    18. Milano (Jaguar)
    19. Nathaniel (Jaguar)
    20. Veronica (Flail)
    21. Ariel (Gargoyle)
    22. Dr. Lynn Yarr (Gargoyle)
    23. Shirro (Flail)
    24. Jacob (Pyros)
    25. Jean Paul (Chronos)
    26. James (Electra)
    27. Steffan (Jaguar)
    28. Cossette (Chronos)

    Hidden opponents in this tournament include Eva Earlong (Gargoyle), Jazzy (Shredder), Angel (Electra), Iceman (Katana), Devan Shell (Thorn), Bethany (Nova), and Nicoli (Nova).


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