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One Must Fall 2097 is a fighting game designed for DOS by Robert and Ryan Elam. The only aspect of the game Rob and Ryan did not work on was the music, which was developed and composed by Joshua Jensen and Kenny Chou.

The game features a one-player arcade-style mode in which the player chooses a pilot with unique values for Power, Agility, and Endurance and a robot (known as Human Assisted Robots or HARs). Each of the HARs has a specific style of combat and unique movesets, and destructions, which are similar to Mortal Kombat's fatalities. There is also a two-player head-to-head mode available, and a tournament mode. It exists online now as freeware.


 The Pilot Selection Screen
The Pilot Selection Screen

In the one and two player modes, the player(s) have the option to choose between ten pilots.

Pilot NamePowerAgilityEndurance
Crystal Devroe 5 16 9
Steffan Thomas 13 9 8
Milano Angston 7 20 4
Christian Devroe 9 715
Shirro 20 1 8
Jean-Paul 9 10 11
Ibrahim 10 1 20
Angel 7 10 13
Cossette Akira 14 8 8
Raven 14 4 12


 The Robot Selection Screen
The Robot Selection Screen

There are eleven playable HARs. Nova is a "boss robot" only playable within Tournament mode, or by entering a code in the other two modes.

  • Jaguar: Uses an aerial throw, a tiger-like pounce, and an eye-beam as special attacks.
  • Shadow: Uses a shadow projection to attack opponents with its special attacks.
  • Thorn: Has several protruding spikes that it uses with special attacks.
  • Pyros: Has two exhaust pipes that shower the opponent with flames.
  • Electra: Generates electrical current through its hands and body.
  • Katana: Has two pendulum-like apparatuses for hands, and uses them in special attacks.
  • Shredder: Has two shredding teeth collections for hands.
  • Flail: Only robot that isn't bipedal, it uses wheels, and two flails kept on the upper part of its body.
  • Gargoyle: Can fly with the wings on its back, and uses aerial attacks for its special moves.
  • Chronos: Uses techniques that alter time, allowing it to transport and freeze the enemy.
  • Nova: Largest of all of the HARs.

Tournament Mode

Tournament Mode is a career-mode of sorts, allowing the player to create a new pilot from scratch. The user can name the pilot, and choose between two male and female icons. The player starts with Jaguar, and enters into one of four different tournaments: North American Open, Katushai Challenge, War Invitational, and the World Championship. Each tournament gets exponentially more difficult, more expensive to enter, and more expensive to repair player's HAR; however, the rewards for victory are also increased.

With the winnings, players can increase their pilot's power, agility, or endurance; as well as this, players can enhance their HAR's strength, or purchase a new HAR model. Tournament Mode has four encompassing difficulty levels, selected at character creation.

Also in Tournament Mode is an NPC who repairs the player's HAR after battle. His facial expression and "words of wisdom" will change depending on the amount of damage sustained from the preceding battle.


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