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    One Piece is a manga/anime created by Eiichiro Oda about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who left off on a grand journey through the Grand Line as a pirate, making many friends, discovering new islands, and defeating foes along the way.

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    One Piece is the story of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who dreamed of becoming king of the pirates since he was little and started achieving his dream after eating the cursed Gum-Gum fruit that turned his body into rubber. Along the way he meets many characters who will eventually become part of his crew. Zoro, a man who wants to become the best swordsman in the sea. Sanji, who wants to become the best cook. Nami, who wants to become the best navigator, and Chopper, who wants to become the best doctor. He also meets many other characters. These characters help him along the way in his dream to becoming the king of the pirates by finding the legendary treasure at the Grand Line called One Piece.


    The world of One Piece is a planet consisting of two oceans divided by a giant mountain in the middle spanning across the world called the Red Line, a gigantic mountain said to be 10,000 meters deep, and high enough to be impossible to pass through normal means. On both sides of the Red Line are the two oceans further divided by a line perpendicular to the Red Line called the Grand Line, the first half called Paradise, and the second called the New World. There is the east and south sea on one side divided by the Grand Line, and the north and west sea divided by the Paradise. Both the Grand Line and Paradise on both sides have a border that separates there seas called the Calm Belt. The Calm Belt is a line with no wind, meaning little movement in the water, making an environment for giant sea creatures called Sea Kings to be rampant, it is such a dangerous and powerful barrier, one can't simply cross without certain aids like sea prism stone. To cross the red lines one must go through reverse mountain, a mountain where the water stream is going upwards instead of down, have government permission to enter Mariejois also known as the holy land. Or go through fishman island and enter a passage there. The Grand Line has unpredictable and unstable weather causing the magnetic field to render most compasses useless. So Paradise requires a special compass called a log pose, these compasses use the magnetic field of islands to lock on to, changing whenever near another island. However once in the New World, it requires a variant of the log pose with three needles instead of one, due to islands sometimes randomly hiding, or changing there magnetic fields.

    The world is mostly a vast ocean, with islands scattered everywhere. These islands come in many forms from desert to winter to sky islands. Special islands like the sky islands hover above the clouds, and some are artificially made like an island suspended in the air by balloons. A giant elephant reaching above the clouds, and walks trough the sea carrying islands on their backs. Some ships are so large, they are even considered islands themselves like Thriller Bark, or the Gran Tesoro.


    The population inhabiting the world of One Piece are Humans, Fishmen, Minks, Dwarves, Mermaids/Mermen, and Giants.

    Humans make up the majority of the populous. Humans are also the most advanced in the word having the highest intelligence, with people like Vegapunk, and Nami. Humans are also very inconsistent at times. Take Gekko Moriah, doesn't look like a Human at all, yet is considered a human, and Charlotte Linlin, she's Human yet the size of a giant with abnormal strength rivaling giants. In terms of technology it's weird, they don't have aerial machines, but have giant mechanical robots that can fire lasers, as well as cyborgs. Humans have also replicated devil fruits, yet still use flintlock guns, and wooden ships. Some are more primitive then others, compare Alabasta to the Gran Tesoro.

    Fishmen, human and fish hybrids taking a humanoid form with fish attributes; gills, webbed fingers. They have extremely good swimming, underwater breathing along with super-strength. These people live under the ocean along with Merfolk, most humans dislike the fishmen. Some people of the fishmen race are Arlong, Hatchan. A shark humanoid, and an octopus humanoid with eight arms. Fishmen have such great swimming capabilities that in a group they can completely change the current and tide of the ocean. They also possess a special fighting style called Fishman Karate. Fishman karate is when the user uses the water in their vicinity to deal devastating blows to opponents, they can use the water of the opponent to further deal damage, humans can also learn this as Koala did. Another fighting style called Fishman Jujustu. The user while in water can manipulate it to become tangible, humans are unable to learn this. When a fishman eats a Devil Fruit, they can no longer swim, but can still breathe underwater. In terms of technology they are equivalent to Romans, they are the typical depiction of the legendary lost kingdom of Atlantis.

    Merfolk, human and fish hybrids with a human top, and fish bottom, a typical depiction of mermaid/mermen. Like Fishmen, merfolks have extremely good swimming capabilities and underwater breathing with super-strength. These people live under the ocean along with Fishmen. Most humans dislike the Fishmen, however opposite for the merfolk, female merfolk in particular as they are often said to be the most beautiful race. Some people of the merfolk race are Shirahoshi, and Sharley. A white-smelting fish, and a shark mermaid. Like fishmen they can't learn Fishmen karate where you use the water in the opponent's body against themselves. However like fishmen they can learn Fishman Jujustu, however it's called 'Merfolk Combat', with the same concept of turning water tangible. It's unknown what happens when a fishman eats a Devil Fruit. Like fishmen they're technology are equivalent to Romans, they are the typical depiction of the legendary lost kingdom of Atlantis.

    Minks, human and animal hybrids taking a humanoid form with fur of varying sizes, with the ability to generate electricity. They are similar to Humans who use a zoan fruit possessing higher stamina, and strength. Not all minks are the same, some have amazing acrobatics, are agile, and leap great distances, some have extremely powerful brute strength, and some are very stealthy that even high levels of kenbunshoku haki can't sense them.The sizes range from small to huge, example Bariete a monkey about human knee height, and Inuarashi a hound mink about twice a Human's height. These minks possess the ability to generate electricity called 'Electro' and they use this technique to train weaponry; swords, spears. As well as in there own fighting styles. Minks have in them a secret power called 'Sulong', this is a form minks have they transform to during a full moon. When in their Sulong form, they are extremely powerful in terms of everything, however are completely mindless and often times attack until they drain their stamina and eventually die due to exhaustion. However some members train themselves to control this form, and once controlled are fearsome foes. Most members of the mink race seclude themselves atop a giant elephant called Zunisha far from other civilizations. In terms of technology they are equivalent to the Renaissance times.

    Dwarves, extremely tiny human and bug hybrids with with a human body but a bug's abdomen as a tail, they come in all sorts of colors. Dwarves are about a finger's length, despite size they are extremely fast runners, and have super-strength being able to destroy a building with a single hit. Dwarves are very close to nature, as they live in the forest in trees and mushrooms. They use a special combat style that takes their size, and nimbleness. Utilizing flips and tricks, as well as their tails. In terms of technology they are equivalent to medieval ages.

    Skypieans/Shandians/Birkans, all three are essentially humans with wings. All three originated from the moon, but were forced to leave due to drying up the resources. Skypieans and Shandians resided in the sky while the Birkans were on the Blue Sea. They have differing tribes with three unique wing types for their respective tribes. Skypieans have small upward pointed wings, Shandians have large wings that point upwards, and Birkans have wings that point downwards. These wings however possess no real purpose aside from distinguishing one from another. In terms of technology and culture they are much like Aztecs. They also have a very unique type of utility called 'Dials'. Dials are shells that can absorb in certain substance and can release those substances at equal or greater levels then originally absorbs.

    Giants, essentially humans but at around twelve times a normal human's height which is 15 meters on average(for giants). Giants obviously possess immense strength, and durability, but are slower. They are the largest race by far. Most giants originate from Elbaf. In terms of technology and culture they are much like vikings.

    Other variants of the mentions races are giants with different skin tones(green, red) who are two to four times a fully grown giant's size. People of the snake-neck, who have snake-like necks, long-arms, who have two joints in the arms instead of one, long-legs, who have legs twice as long as a normal human, and three-eyed, who have a third eye in the middle of their forehead and have a special power to read all languages, including the poneglyphs. Cross species are also possible as seen with a giant fishman.

    Slavery is a huge part of the One Piece world, often auctions are the for the rich and noble, most notably the Tenryubitos. The prices for slaves are as so in belly:

    • Humans - 500,000+
    • Dwarves - 700,000+
    • Minks - 700,000+
    • Long-arm - 700,000+
    • Long-leg - 700,000+
    • Snake-neck - 700,000+
    • Fishman - 1,000,000+
    • Giants - Male, 50,000,000+ Female, 10,000,000+
    • Merfolk - Male, 1,000,000+ Female, 70,000,000+ Parted female, 10,000,000+
    • Devil Fruit users - Market Price
    • Other Rare Species - Market Price

    Devil Fruits

    Devils Fruits are extremely rare fruits that come in many shapes and sizes. These fruits taste imaginably awful and when eaten the person gains special powers. However the drawbacks are they can no longer swim, once water reaches knee level they start to feel sick, exhausted and sink like an anchor, and sea prism stones when touched weaken the user the same way water does. Devils Fruits however are not limited to sentient beings but also animals as seen with Tony Tony Chopper, and inanimate objects as seen with Lassoo, it is unknown how this works.

    The power of Devil Fruit's are separated into three categories; paramecia, zoan and logia.

    Paramecias are the most common and can be separated into subcategories, if a Devil Fruit doesn't fit any other main category then it's automatically a Paramecia.

    • Enhancers, these permanently changes the body, and allows the user to take the properties of the substance to some extent, example Luffy's gum-gum.
    • Producers, these allow the user to produce a substance and control it, but cannot transform as the substance, example Nico Robin's flower-flower.
    • Transformers, these allow the user to change the state and property of their body at will, example Mr. 2/Bentham's clone-clone.
    • Effectors, these allow the user to change themselves, others, and the environment. example Trafalgar Law's op-op. Lastly 'special paramecias' it is unknown what a special paramecia is exactly but Charlotte Katakuri has one.

    Zoans are slightly more rare, they give the user to at will turn into an animal increasing stamina, recovery rate, and strength. Zoans can be separated into subcategories.

    • Ancient zoans, these are much rarer than normal granting the ability to transform into ancient beast; mammoths, dinosaurs etc, example Jack's mammoth.
    • Mythical zoans, these are the rarest devil fruits above logia, granting the ability to transform into mythical creatures; phoenix, buddha, example Marco's phoenix. Something special about the phoenix is that it showed properties of all three types of fruits, intangibility(logia) and healing(paramecia).

    Logias are the rarest just below mythical zoans. Logias turn the user into a natural element electric, magma, gas, etc. These are considered the most powerful with the ability of intangibility, transformation into an element, and control over the element. The only drawback is that sea prism, and haki will be able to physically contact the user. Users are Eneru, Portgas D Ace/Sabo, Crocodile. A special logia, not officially called a 'special logia' is Marshall D Teach's dark-dark fruit. This fruit allowed the user to negate other's devil fruits(if producers, or logias), but it also didn't give the user intangibility, but instead he actually felt more pain then normal.

    Devil Fruits form once a person who has eaten one dies. The nearest fruit, then transform into the Devil Fruit the person who died had. To identify a Devil Fruit is very simple. They have odd shapes, and patterns usually in spirals repeating across the fruit's body. The color varies across the who spectrum. Devils Fruits however aren't totally limited to nature, but can be artificially create though unknown how. One has been seen in Punk Hazard and was a zoan that gave the user the ability to turn into a small pink version of the traditional Asian dragon. These artificial Devil Fruits look like normal fruits just with dots or other odd patterns, however the shape does not change.

    Sometimes very rarely a user will have totally mastered their fruit and 'awaken' their fruit. These awakenings allows the user to change their surrounding environment into the substance their fruit creates. The full extent is unknown on all fruits, but shown when Donquixote Doflamingo awakened his string-string fruit a paramecia that allowed him to create indestructible string. His awakening was him turning his surroundings to string, then took control over the strings.

    Since Devil Fruits are so rare, they're sometimes sold on the black market for large sums of money. Some can go for 100,000,000 belly and some like the Ope-Ope was going to be sold for 5,000,000,000 belly.


    Haki is a hidden power in every living being. When this hidden power is awakened, it takes three forms.

    • Bosushoku/Armament haki allows the user to create essentially an invisible armor, capable of immense durability and can damage logias. When used Bosushoku will turn the user's skin pitch black with a purple shine.
    • Kenbunskoku/Observation haki also called mantra in Skypea allows the user to sense the presence of other being even if out of vision, or too far to see.
    • Haoshoku/Conqueror/King's Haki allows the user to unleash their own willpower onto others, if the user is weaker they would collapse unconscious. This form of haki is not obtained through training but given from birth to 1/1,000,000 people.

    All haki can be trained to become stronger. Bosushoku can be trained to the point of near invincibility and allows for full body armament. Kenbunshoku can be trained to the point of seeing the future as seen with Charlotte Katakuri. Haoshoku can be trained through sheer willpower, as the stronger the user's willpower the more people can be knocked out with it.


    In the world of One Piece there's five main factions and an extra one, but it's a very minor one. These are the Revolutionary Army, World Government/Marines, Yonkos, Shichibukai/Warlords, and the Supernovas.

    The most imposing is the World Government/Marines. These people control most of the world, and are the most powerful. The World Government first founded during a time called the 'void century' and era that spanned 800 years. During this time twenty royal families came together to form it. The current ruling heads are the Tenryubito also called the Celestial Dragons and World Nobles, these people have absolute power, infinite fortune, literally being able to do anything they wish in the realm of human possibilities. Below them are the Gorosei, five elderly men who are the true leaders, whiles the Tenryubito are more for show, the Gorosei actually make the decisions. Then below them is Kong a man in charge of the three parts that build the World Government. The Marines, Shichibukai/Warlords, and Cipher Pol. The Marines are the main military power lead by the Fleet Admiral. The Shichibukai are a group of seven of the strongest pirates, banded by the World Government who allow them to pirate without law. Though they still have to listen or have their titles stripped. Then Cipher Pol, the people who act behind the scene, secret agents in in groups code named CP(number); CP0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. The lower the number the stronger the group.

    The Yonkos also known as the four emperors, currently:

    • Charlotte Linlin "Big Mom"
    • Kaido "Kaido of the Beasts" "The Strongest Creature"
    • Shanks "Red-Haired Shanks"
    • Marshall D. Teach "Blackbeard".

    As well unofficially Monkey D. Luffy, as the fifth yonko. All four excluding Luffy are extremely powerful forces on there own. All have their own giant fleets, and themselves are the strongest of the strong in compared to other pirates. They control their own territories to protect and gain taxes, as for Big Mom candy.

    The Shichibukai/Warlords are powerful pirates banded together by the World Government. They can continue piracy but have to listen to the World Government, if not they would have their titles stripped. Their bounties are frozen until dismissed. Currently they are:

    • Dracule Mihawk "Hawk-Eye" "Strongest Swordsman in the World"
    • Bartholomew Kuma "Tyrant"
    • Boa Hancock "Pirate Empress"
    • Buggy "The Clown" "The Star Clown" "The Genius Jester"
    • Edward Weevil "Whitebeard Jr."

    The Supernovas also known as the 'Super Rookies', are any pirate that have a bounty of 100,000,000 or over belly before entering the New World. In Paradise, a bounty of 100,000,000 is considered impressive truly require something horrid to happen to achieve. However once pass that and entering the New World a bounty of 100,000,000 is no longer impressive but considered weak.

    The Revolutionary Army are the least known about, they are a secret underground group trying to stop the World Government's tyrannical rule. The leader of the revolution known as "The World's Most-Dangerous Criminal" and is the most wanted man in the world, Monkey D. Dragon father to Luffy and son of Monkey D. Garp. Little is known but they often carry out these missions that either helps a country, like when they stopped the weapons trade in Dressrosa, or damage the World Government.

    The last group not officially known as a faction. The members of the family of D. These people possess something called "Will of the D.". These people have the initial "D" in the middle of their names, Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace, etc. It's completely unknown what that is, but it is known they are referred to as "Natural Enemies of God". The middle name D is inherited.


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