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    Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Feb 10, 2009

    Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad is an action beat-em-up with light RPG elements from D3 in which you control two cursed sword wielding sisters slicing their way through a zombie infested city.

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    Players control Aya and Saki as they cut through waves of undead enemies, in either single-player or cooperative multi-player mode. The story mode has five different difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Berserk. The harder modes increase the number and toughness of the zombies and bosses. The game features alternative modes of play: free play, quest, and survival, as well as a dress-up option which allows players to alter the player characters' clothes. Players can unlock new clothing and makeup options by completing various quests in the quest mode. Via paid DLC, players can also download three of the game's bosses (Misery,Reiko, and Himiko). These characters are only available to be played in Free Play or Survival Modes.

    Free-Play Mode allows you to replay any chapter of story mode that you've already completed. You can use this to level up your zombie killing women to tackle the story mode on tougher difficulty settings.

    Survival Mode pits your choice of women in a 56 chapter slash-fest. The mode cycles through four different arenas, every four chapters ends with a fight with one of the bosses from the game. Each chapter features a different assortment of zombies and increases in difficulty with stronger zombies and an increase in the amount of zombies spawned. All 56 chapters are unlocked once the story mode is completed.

    Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad is unique because, as your bikini samurai squad member slashes through zombies, two meters will fill up, one indicating their blood lust, once filled they will go into a rampage mode and turns into an powerful undead warrior. The rampage mode gives Aya and Saki a speed and power boost, but it also slowly saps away their life bar and makes enemy attacks hit for double damage. The second meter is a gore meter, it indicates how much zombie gore is covering Aya or Saki's sword. As the gore meter fills their swords become less sharp and when full, the swords will get stuck in a zombie and you will have to pull it out, which takes a few seconds and leaves them open and vulnerable to attacks. You can avoid a full gore meter by cleaning your sword when the meter fills up. This keeps the blade sharp, allowing you to sever zombie extremities with ease, and makes cool combos easier to pull off.


    After the defeat of Reiko, Saki regains control of herself, and the two sisters return to a somewhat more normal life. However, this new found peace isn’t set to last, as once again Tokyo is infested with zombies, and the cursed bloodline of the two sisters is set to clash once again with their own fates.

    Aya and her half-sister Saki are two of the last descendants in a cursed bloodline. Their curse, The Curse of Baneful Blood, grants them superhuman strength and agility, if their skin is touched by blood. However, it also eats at their minds and if they absorb too much blood their minds shatter and they transform into a rampaging blood fiends. Normal humans that are touched by Baneful Blood turn into infectious zombies which infect and zombify other humans. Aya and Saki try to do their best to break the zombification cycle by killing zombies wherever they encounter them.

    Taking it easy in their condo one afternoon, Saki sees a news report on the TV about a riot going on in the downtown area. The reporter mistakenly calls the rioters angry citizens, but Saki knows a swarm of zombies when she sees one. She notifies Aya and they both strike out for downtown to slay the zombies and figure out where such a large outpouring came from.


    1. "Bring It On"

    2 . "Stay Cool"

    3 . "Way To Go"

    4 . "Got It"

    5 . "Fake Out"

    6 . "Cut It Out"

    7. "Flashback"

    8 . "It's Led"

    9. "Unknown"

    10. "Oh Snap!"

    11 . "Stand By U"

    12 . "B4 Dark"

    13 . "Jiggy"

    14 . "The Cavern"

    15 . "Attagirl"

    16 . "Wicked"

    17 . "Oh My Jee"

    18 . "Boh-ya"

    19 . "Move It!"

    20 . "Get Out!"

    21 . "Cure Killer"


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