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    OneShot is a 8-bit puzzle adventure game that breaks the fourth wall to bring the player into the game.

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    OneShot is an adventure game with pixel art graphics.

    The main character, Niko, is a young person with cat-like features who wakes up in a mysterious world of robot inhabitants that is inexorably decaying after the loss of its sun. Niko falls into the role of messiah, whose mission is to bring a new sun to the world in order to save it. The player is also a character in the story, playing the role of God, whom only Niko can communicate with. The player has conversations with Niko through dialogue prompts.

    The game uses 'meta' elements outside of the game itself to involve the player as a character in the story.

    The game has multiple endings and its story spans more than one playthrough. Subsequent playthroughs feature differences in story and progression due to the consequences of prior playthroughs. Niko and the player can remember what happened during their prior playthroughs and utilize that knowledge to do things differently next time.


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