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Onett is a city in Eagleland, and is the place where the first events of Earthbound take place. Onett is located north of Twoson. Ness also faces the first boss battle of Earthbound in Onett. Onett is also a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


After finding the meteor and being sent on his mission, Ness heads into Onett downtown. Since the Sharks gang has been causing trouble in town, the Onett police have blocked all exits because "Onett police are infamous for blocking roads if something is going on". Ness helps defeat the Sharks and their Boss, Frank. Doing this causes the mayor to give Ness the key to Giant Step, the first of eight sanctuary sites that Ness must visit. After leaving Giant Step, the Police Chief confronts Ness and tells him to come by the Police Station. When Ness arrives and says that he wants to go to Twoson, the Police Chief and several Police Officers attack Ness. After Ness kicks their butts, the Police Chief allows Ness to go to Twoson.

Buildings in Onett

There are various buildings found in Onett. They include a hospital, drug store, pizza shop, library, burger store, city hall, games shop, hotel, and various houses of residents.

Shops in Onett

Burger Shop




Can of Fruit Juice


Heals 6 HP

Cup of Coffee


Heals 12 HP

Bag of Fries


Heals 24 HP



Heals 48 HP

Drug Store




Cracked Bat


Offense 4

Tee-Ball Bat


Offense 8



Offense 6

Baseball Cap


Defense 5

Cheap Bracelet


Defense 5

Cold Remedy


Cures cold







Heals 6 HP

Bread Roll


Heals 30 HP

Skip Sandwich


Heals 6 HP, speeds up



Heals 60 HP

Enemies Encountered

These are the enemies encountered in Onett and Giant Step:


EnemyCoil Snake
EnemyPogo Punk
EnemyRunaway Dog
EnemySkate Punk
EnemySpiteful Crow
EnemyYes Man Junior
BossFrankystein Mark II
BossCaptain Strong

Giant Step

EnemyAttack Slug
EnemyBlack Antoid
EnemyRowdy Mouse
BossTitanic Ant

Super Smash Bros.

Onett in Super Smash Bros.
Onett in Super Smash Bros.

Onett is featured in the Super Smash Bros. series as a stage, which debuted in Super Smash Bros. Melee and re-appeared in later iterations.

In the center of the stage is the Drug Store with collapsible canopy platforms. To the left and right of the Drug Store are houses. Above the house on the left are two green bouncing bush platforms and above the house on the right is a clothesline platform. The stage cannot be fallen off of, and occasionally cars drive by, hitting characters.

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