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Oni Island is an elusive, treacherous place from Okami. It's an island fortress covered with monsters and deathtraps commanded by the demon Ninetails. Amaterasu manages to reach it only through a plan set in motion by the Queen of Nippon and the Dragonian Queen Otohime. The stage involves a long trek to the top of the island in order to confront and defeat Ninetails. Gekigami, the brush god of thunder, can be found on the trek up and is key to reaching the end of the fortress.
One if the island's obstacles involves a demonic slip of paper named Tobi who acts as a gatekeeper. However, he displays an unusual degree of manners and, instead of attacking, challenges Amaterasu to several races through trap filled corridors. He appears several times throughout the level with increasingly harder races. After losing his final race, he fades away, having failed to keep intruders out.
The very top of the island is where Amaterasu confronts Ninetails.

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