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Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny is an action-adventure game that shares similarities to the older survival-horror entries of Resident Evil. Though like the first Onimusha, Onimusha 2 is much more faster-paced and places a greater emphasis on combat.

After hearing news of his village being attacked,Jubei Yagyu (modeled on the likeness of the late Japanese actor Yusaku Matsuda) hurries back only to find that all of the villagers have been destroyed by an unknown force. After following a mysterious voice that calls his name, Jubei learns that the person who attacked his village was Nobunaga Oda and the only way to defeat him is to find 5 sacred orbs.


Basic combat in Onimusha 2 involves physical and magical attacks which are each mapped to one button, issens; counter moves performed by attacking an opponent immediately before they strike the player, and targeting, which powers up the next strike if held long enough. Movement is controlled with the directional pad, and dodges and backsteps can be performed during combat by pressing in a direction away from the enemy the player is targeting. If a player obtains enough purple souls, they can temporarily transform into an Oni and gain improved combat abilities. Defeating enemies yields red souls, which can be used to power-up your weapons, in addition to souls that restore health, magic power, and oni power.

Onimusha 2 introduces a new friendship mechanic to the series which allows players to give gifts to several secondary playable characters. Becoming friends with these secondary characters can result in many alternate cut-scenes throughout the game, as well as playable scenarios.


Jubei's melee Weapons

Yagyu Sword

A basic samurai sword that you begin the game with. It has been passed down through the generations in Jubei's family and lacks magical power.


Found in Yagyu Village only after Jubei gains the power to collect souls, the Buraitou is a samurai sword imbued with the power of thunder. Using its magical ability will release a flurry of lightning-charged strikes on a single enemy.


Found in the Imasho Gold Mine, the Hyoujin-Yari is a pole-arm that contains the power of ice. Using its magical attack will cause Jubei to slam the pole-arm into the ground, creating a blast of ice that inflicts damage on enemies within a certain area.


A wind-imbued naginata found in the Fog Valley. The Senpumaru's magical attack creates a large tornado that draws nearby enemies towards Jubei and damages them.


A hammer that contains the power of earth. It is found within the main room of the Oni Palace. Using the Dokoutsui's magical attack creates an earthquake, heavily damaging all on-screen enemies.


A broadsword containing the power of fire, the Rekka-Ken is a secret weapon found in Gifu Castle and cannot be upgraded. The Rekka-Ken's magical attack unleashes a circle of fire around Jubei.

Ranged Weapons


A traditional bow that can be used to fire regular or fire arrows.


A sengoku-era rifle, that is an advanced model of the Mattlock from Onimusha: Warlords.


Jubei Yagyu

No Caption Provided

"An ambitions young warrior and the hero of this story. The first leader of the Yagyu clan and originator of shin-in style. sword combat. Also known as Sougen Yagyu or Sekisyusai. All leaders of the Yagyu clan are given a childhood name of Jubei."


No Caption Provided

"A fencer who wears western style armor and wields a western sword. She is breath-taking but mysterious. Her past is shrouded in mystery."

Ekei Ankokuji

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"A master spearfighter in the Houzouin style. He is a monk who loves money."

Kotaro Fuma

No Caption Provided

"A Fuma Ninja who works for the Hojo clan. He confounds his opponet with his agile movement and countless Ninjutsu."

Magoichi Saiga

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"The leader of the "Saiga Shu" gun troop in Kii prefecture. Bold, bright and cool-headed, he is good at handling both a gun and sword."

Nobunaga Oda

"An ambitions warlord, determined to rude Japan with an iron fist. In league with demons, he orders his troops to attack Odani Castle."


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