New Square Enix JRPG Oninaki now has an 90 min demo out on Steam, progress carries over.

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It is on switch, I played the demo on there, and...I was not very impressed. The combat isn’t fluid enough, there’s a big delay between your attacks and the normal enemies just kinda sit there and don’t pose much of a challenge. I quit out after the first boss because the combat just felt so bland,,,some attacks just aren’t telegraphed much and the dodge does not feel good to use at all. It’s disappointing as I was really looking forward to this style of action RPG from Tokyo RPG Factory but it fell super flat for me.

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The final boss is god, i guarante it.

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I was very interested in the game but the story and main character turned me way, way off. The combat was pretty stiff and uninteresting as well. Played on Switch.

edit: I didn't want to go off on a tirade about the story and character really turning me off, but I have some thoughts to share only if you are interested, OP.

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