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    Onix is a rock/ground-type pokemon from the original Pokemon Red/Blue. This large pokemon blends in with surrounding rock, using its large size to appear to be a normal rock face.

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    Onix is famous for being the longest Generation I pokemon, a title which it lost to its evolved stage, Steelix, in Generation II. It can evolve into Steelix by being traded, while wearing a metal coat. It's notorious for being Gym leader Brock's signature pokemon.


    Onix makes its first television appearance in Showdown in Pewter City, where Brock has it face Ash's Pikachu. The Onix was later given to Brock's younger brother, Forrest, who later had it evolve to Steelix.

    In To Master the Onixpected, the Elite four member Bruno, visits the mountains to capture a giant Onix, who is much bigger than the even average Steelix. Bruno befriends and captures it after removing a Sandslash which was bothering it.

    The Crystal Onix featured a crystallized version of the giant pokemon. It was captured and defeated when Mateo unleashed its Charmeleon on it.

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