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Ok so let me get some ideas of what might happen here. I recently signed up for the free online account for 1 year. I noticed during the process that you need to live within the contiguous USA. I live in Hawaii. I downloaded the software and loaded it up..worked no problem. I tried a demo of a game, again no problems though  I did get a warning that there might be some latency. I did not notice any.
What do you think will happen if I buy a game and play it? I assume Onlive will be able to see that the traffic from their servers is going to Hawaii (I assume this is something they can do...I guess I don't really know). This is (I think) violating their terms of service. Do you think they'll just suspend my account? 
I don't really want to try to find out just yet..I'm going on a business trip in September to the mainland, and I'll buy a pass or something for that. I'm willing to experiment after that. Do you think I should contact the company and ask? I did initially and simply got the response that they did not yet offer service to Hawaii and hoped to in the future. They advised me to sign up for a free account just in case. I didn't really ask any more questions about it.

Do you think the issue is legal or technical? If its technical I assume I might have a lower quality of service than other folks..not a giant deal to me, but I can understand why they would want to control my impression of their service. If its a legal issue, its a little odd that they would exclude Hawaii and Alaska...
Anyway, give your opinion.

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