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Onyanko Town is a maze game in which the player controls a mother cat trying to locate her kittens, which got lost across the city. While defenseless and rather slow, the mother cat has two abilities she can use to avoid the hostile dogs that roam the city: She can jump, allowing her to leap over danger, and she can telekinetically open manhole covers if she's looking in their direction, which will trap a pursuing dog and remove it from the map. Once she finds her kitten, who is wandering aimlessly somewhere around the map, she must head back home and deposit her kitten back in its safe confines. Doing so allows her to move onto the next stage, though while holding the kitten she is no longer able to jump, making the return trip more dangerous.

The game is the first to be published by record producers Pony Canyon, who would go on to create many more games for the Famicom/NES of generally mediocre quality. It is uncertain who developed the game, but it was likely a freelance developer like TOSE or Micronics.

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