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    Oogie Boogie

    Character » appears in 16 games

    The main villain from The Nightmare Before Christmas who holds "Sandy Claws."

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    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Unlike most of the residents of Halloween Town, who scare people for entertainment, Oogie is truly evil. Because of that, he is exile from the town and lives somewhere far away. His only companions are Lock, Shock, and Barrel.
    Upon hearing about Santa Claus, Oogie orders his minions to get him. He introduces himself to Santa and sings his song. While he is tortuing him, Oogie is distracted by Sally's leg. Upon finding out that it is a trick and sees Sally trying to free Santa, he captures them.
    Just as Oogie is about to drop Sally and Santa to his stew, he finds Jack still alive after the military almost killed him for impersonating Santa. When Jack appears, Oogie appears to be afraid of him and sets his contraptions on him. While fighting, Oogie jumps into a chandelier where Jack rips a seam, causing all of Oogie's bugs to be killed in the stew. The last bug is crushed by Santa.



    The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King

    It is revealed that Oogie has his own holiday known as Bug Day. Unfortunately, because people around the world have forgotten that, the Bug Day world vanished. However, Oogie has managed to go to Halloween Town and plans to turn it into Bug Day. He is defeated by Jack and this is how he fears him.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

    Oogie is resurrected by Lock, Shock, and Barrel. He tricks the citizens of Halloween town into thinking that Jack has abandoned them and has Dr. Finklestein replace his brain with a green one in order to have him create monsters for him.
    When Jack goes back to his town, he is confronted by Oogie's shadow and defeats it.
    Next, Oogie confronts Jack in his lair. However, after being defeated, it is revealed that Jack has been fighting Oogie's shadow all this time and the real Oogie is in Christmas Town.
    By the time he goes to Christmas Town, Jack finds Oogie attempting to kill Santa. When that fails, Oogie flees, not knowing that a dwarf has just drop a present to the sleigh.
    While trying to escape, the sleigh explodes and Oogie lands to the junkyard. Angered by this, he has all of the junk come to him, turning him into a gigantic version of himself. Jack defeats him and his bugs have fallen off again.

    Kingdom Hearts series

    In the first game, Oogie is shown to be one of the Disney Villains in Maleficent's group. After being informed about a heart that Finklestein has created, he plans to use it to control all of the Heartless. When Sora and his friends confront him, Oogie swallows the heart, allowing him to control the Heartless. Upon being defeated, Oogie's bugs fall off. However, it isn't over yet and it is because Oogie has taken form from his manor. He is defeated again.
    In the second game, Oogie is revived by Maleficent. Unfortunately, he drives her off because of his amnesia. Oogie is defeated and his bugs fall off and Donald crushed the last bug.

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