Operation Logic Bomb

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released October 1993

    As a bionic soldier, the player must fight his way through enemies in a secret lab.

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    Operation Logic Bomb is a top-down action game released on the Super Nintendo in September of 1993, by Jaleco. Known as Ikari no Yousai in Japan, this is actually the third game in the series ( Fortified Zone was the first and Ikari no Yousai 2 was the second). As for the plot of Operation Logic Bomb, this game follows a group of scientists who are researching alternate dimensions in a top secret underground facility. When the experiments begin to go awry, the government sends in an elite team to investigate. The player is code-named HIRO, an incredibly powerful super-soldier.

    Additionally, a version of Operation Logic Bomb was released on the Satellaview, known as BS Ikari no Yousai.


     The game takes place in a virtual world.
     The game takes place in a virtual world.

    A combination of a top-down shooter and exploration, the goal of the game is to explore this underground laboratory, which is now partially a virtual world (due to the interdimensional physics involved). Each new area contains a memory bank, which has a record of what the location used to look like, resetting the dimension, and fixing the area. In order to complete the game, the player must do this to every area in the game (eventually facing a giant robot boss).

    The weapon system is different from traditional shooters, and works in a way similar to Metroid. Players collect new weapons as the game progresses, adding it to their inventory. There are five different weapons, and two special items.


    • Straight Arrow - The default machine gun, which the player starts with. This gun fires straight ahead.
    • Spread Eagle - A spread-shot weapon, and another weapon that the player starts with. While it cannot shoot as fast as the Straight Arrow, it fires in three different directions at once.
    • R-Laser - The first weapon that the player picks up, the R-Laser bounces off of walls, so it is able to hit enemies in a blind spot.
    • Firebug - A flamethrower, and the second weapon that the player picks up. The Firebug has a shorter range than other weapons, but higher power (although it isn't effective against every enemy).
    • Missile - A secret weapon, the Missile fires a… missile--surprise, surprise.


    • Claymore - This special item is very powerful, and sends out a blast in the direction that HIRO is facing.
    • Decoy - The Decoy power-up creates a hologram of HIRO to attract enemy fire temporarily.

    Critical Reception

    Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded the scores of 6,8,8 and 9.  Ed Semrad wrote,  "... for fans of games like Metal Gear, this game should be a winner. Its graphics are pretty good, and the many weapons at your disposal tremendously add to the technique [?] The explosions might be a bit cheesy, but it's a small price to pay for a generally fun cart.  The plot line ... is really well done".


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