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The Operators are support personnel people who gives out details and information about their mission or the ACs status. They don't pilot the AC itself but monitoring the AC vital status (the AP), updating any changes in combat for the Raven/Lynx (like such as reinforcements) or details about designated targets. This allows the AC pilot to focus their attention entirely on combat.


Armored Core

Not really an Operator, R is an AI from Ravens' Nest that managed the Ravens missions and others.

Armored Core: Project Phantasma

Sumika Juutilainen - A Raven who works with Amber Crest got capture by Doomsday Organization and rescued by The Raven. She became the Raven semi-operator, giving out mission for the Raven.

Armored Core: Master of Arena

Lana Nielsen - An operator working for the Ravens' Nest, she seek out the Raven when he became a Raven. She serves as his manger, giving out specif mission to him and leading the player into a confrontation with Nine Ball. As the story progress, the players later relies what Lana isn't what she seems. In the final fight between The Raven and Nine Ball final from, she appears to be the first Hustler One that you fight at beginning of the mission. When the players reach at the end of the mission, you discover that all three Nine Balls that you face was in fact part of the master AI.

Armored Core 2

Nell Aulter - Nell Aulter is an operator from Nerves Concord, she is the first Operator in Armored Core series to shown a true compassion and possible an romantic feeling for The Raven.

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