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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 25, 2008

    Take control of the eponymous Opoona and battle your way across the planet of Landroll in this Wii exclusive Sci-Fi themed RPG.

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    This RPG from developers ArtePiazza and published by Koei, allows players to become involved in the adventures of a boy called Opoona. Making use of the game's "Active Bon-Bon Battle System", players can, for the first time, play the entire game using only the Nunchuk controller, if they so desire.


    Opoona, the game's titular hero.
    Opoona, the game's titular hero.

    After his family's spaceship crash lands on the planet of Landroll, the young Opoona finds himself seperated from both his parents and brother & sister. He must then travel across the planet to track down the rest of his family; fighting enemies, acquiring licenses to allow him to take on jobs, talking to people, and completing side quests along the way.


    The majority of the game's combat is sparked by random encounters in which Opoona (and eventually, other members of Opoona's family) fight by flinging their bonbons at the enemy. Attacks are performed using the Nunchuk's analogue stick. A quick flick of the will send a weak attack in the direction of the targeted enemy, while holding the stick in a direction will charge the attack for more power. The direction in which the stick is flicked also affects the angle of the attack. Holding the stick in the down direction sends the bonbon flying in an upward arc for overhead attacks, while holding it in the up position launches the bonbon with an underhand flight. This attack is the only standard attack that can hit some flying enemies. Holding the stick to either the left or right will cause the bonbon to fly in a curve, allowing the attack to swing around enemies and hit them from the sides, where they may be more vulnerable.

    In addition to the standard attacks, the player can also select from a range of Force moves consisting of healing and status effect spells, as well as special attacks that also consume Force Points. Items can also be used during combat, but only items placed in the characters' pockets prior to combat can be selected.

    All battles in Opoona are timed, with a standard time limit of two minutes. If time runs out before the battle can end, the party is knocked out.


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