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    Optimus Prime

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    Optimus Prime is the heroic leader of the Autobots who fight against the Decepticons, led by the sinister Megatron, and is known for transforming into a truck.

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    Optimus Prime is a transformer, a race of autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron, which has been all but destroyed in civil war raging millions of years. There was a time, however, when Cyberton was covered in a golden hue, the so called ‘Golden age’ when all transformers lived in peace and harmony. One such individual was Orion Pax, a transportation worker in one of Cyberton’s biggest cities. At the time there was a rumour of a new type of transformer, one that could fly and possibly attacked an energon depot at one of the other cities. Orion, however, didn’t want to judge them based on rumour and speculation, thus when he met the leader of the ‘Deceptions’, a being called Megatron, offered him the hand of peace. Megatron was evil to his very spark, betraying and almost destroying Orion Pax. At this time a brilliant engineer called Alpha Trion took the wounded Orion in and began a procedure to convert him into the first of a new wave of transformers, the Autobots, to stand against Megatron and fight for all that is good and right. Megatron soon encountered this new mechanoid, and asking what his name was, learned the true form of what would become his most powerful and hated foe. His name was Optimus Prime.


    Optimus Prime is as true and noble being as any the universe has ever seen. It his firm belief that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and there is good in everyone.

    Optimus is so well liked that his fellow Autobots will gladly follow him into any mission, no matter how dangerous and fight with as much ferocity as he does.

    He holds all laws, rules and regulations in the highest regard, and this almost cost him his life on several occasions.

    The matrix, held within his chest plate, grants him access to the wisdom of the ages, the accumulated knowledge of all previous Autobots, and means that his wisdom is beyond reproach. He inherited the matrix from Alpha Trion.


    Energon Optimus
    Energon Optimus
    Armada Optimus
    Armada Optimus
    • Optimus Prime’s original transformation was a flat nose cab with a trailer. The trailer can transform into a mobile battle base and contains the small non transforming robot, Roller.
    • Optimus was a futuristic version of the above for Transformers: Armada, and was able to combine with is trailer for a Super Mode, as he was in Transformers: Cybertron.
    • In Transformers: Energon, Optimus was able to combine with four smaller vehicles he carried in his trailer, a drill tank, a helicopter, a submarine and a rescue vehicle, though he himself was still a truck cab.
    • Optimus Prime was a fire truck for the show Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

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