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    Optional Censorship

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    Optional Censorship gives one the ability to remove or obscure content that is possibly offensive or objectionable.

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    Some games allow the player to select if they want offensive material to be censored while playing a game. Things that are commonly censored include violent speech or action, blood and gore, strong language, nudity, sexual themes, or anything that encourages potentially damaging behaviors. The method of censorship can range from blurring or otherwise altering an image, audibly obscuring a word, or outright removal of a scene. Some games even offer the ability to censor with some amount of granularity.

    A common means of user censorship is a "Parental Control" option found within the game's settings. By default, most games leave censorship off, but if the user wishes to remove the offensive content in question they can turn on the Parental Control. This often works by asking the user to input a password, and once entered, the content is censored. To disable the censorship, the same password is required to deactivate it. Games that have excessive violence may have this option under the name "Blood/Gore Settings".


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