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    Options menus give you the option to change anything the game lets you change. Whether you want subtitles or not, sound effects or not, the game to be harder or not, anything you want that the game lets you change, you can change in the options menu.

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    An options menu in a game allows users to change various settings in the game. Games can vary from having many options to only having a few. Sometimes an options menu can be called a settings menu, which offers the same type of customization to the players experience.

    Common Options

    Games can have a wide variety of options in an options menu, but there are some that are more commonly seen than others.


    Many games offer the choice of changing the level of difficulty in a game. The more common names for these difficulties would be easy, medium, and hard. Some games go beyond a hard or lower than an easy setting with something like an expert mode or a very easy mode. There are also some games that have non traditional difficulty level names.


    In many games there is the option to turn the in-game music on or off. Some games also have a music test option, which allows the listening of specific music tracks contained in the game.

    Many games also have the option to turn on/off or tweak sound effect settings. Another common sound setting, like the music test is the sound test. The sound test option was a common option in the 16 bit console games. The sound test allows specific sound effects to be listened to.

    Video Options

    Many games feature video settings in the options menu. These settings allow the user to change various aspects of the visual part of a game. These options are generally in far greater amount in PC games than in console games.


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