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    In many games such as Devil May Cry and God of War, Orbs, or "Souls", if you will, spawn out of the enemies you destroy and provide you with either sweet life or power. Many times these "Orbs" can also be used as a currency of sorts to upgrade.

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    Devil May Cry

    In the Devil May Cry franchise, orbs come in a variety of types, each with a unique color and associated function. They are typically found by killing enemies, destroying objects, or simply hidden around the game environment. Some serve to increase the player character's attributes (such as maximum health), while others can be used as currency to purchase items, new weapons, and upgrades.

    Types of Orbs in Devil May Cry

    • Red Orbs: found by defeating enemies, breaking objects, and in hidden caches in the environment. Also obtained as a reward for completing missions. Used to purchase items, weapon upgrades, and new abilities. Said to contain the crystallized blood of demons.
    • Green Orbs: also found by defeating enemies and in the environment, though less commonly than red orbs. Used to replenish health. Said to contain the crystallized fluids of demons.
    • White Orbs: similar to green orbs, but used to replenish the player character's "Devil Trigger" gauge. Said to contain the crystallized tears of demons.
    • Blue Orbs: can be obtained by purchasing them or by finding them hidden in the environment. Used to increase the player character's maximum health. A blue orb can also be obtained by collecting "blue orb fragments", in a manner similar to pieces of heart in the Zelda franchise. Said to be composed of crystallized life force.
    • Purple Orbs: usually only obtained by purchasing them. Used to increase the player character's Devil Trigger gauge. Said to be composed of crystallized magic.
    • Yellow Orbs: usually only obtained by purchasing them, though they can also occasionally be found in the environment. Can be used to revive player upon death. Said to be created by a secret alchemical process.

    Mario Parties 6 and 7

    In Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, they can also be used on the board to help or hinder the player such as: additional Dice Blocks, setting traps and more. There are 4 types of orbs and they are: Self, Thrown, Roadblock and Special/Character.

    Types of Orbs in Mario Party

    The Flutter Orb
    The Flutter Orb
    Goomba Orb
    Goomba Orb
    • Self: Self orbs are the first type of orbs that is used on yourself in these 2 games. It lets the player hit more Dice Blocks, teleporting them to various spaces and more. The orb's color is green.
    • Thrown: The next type of orbs that appears in these 2 games is Thrown. These orbs can be thrown on a space on the board to create character spaces that is shaped like a person or an emblem of the person. If you land on your own, then you'll receive 5 coins but if an opponent lands it, then it will trigger the trap. The color of this type is yellow.
    • Roadblock: The 3rd type of orbs that appears in Mario Parties 6 & 7 is Roadblock. It works the same as Thrown except that is is temporary. When someone passes this space then something bad will happen and that trap is gone. The color of this type is red.
    • Special/Character: The 4th and final type of orbs that appears in these 2 games is Special/Character. These orbs has various effects in Mario Party 6 like: protecting yourself from stealing (Boo Away Orb and Snack Orb). In Mario Party 7, these character orbs can be used on a corresponding character like Luigi (Fireball Orb), Yoshi (Egg Orb) and Toadette (Triple 'Shroom Orb). The orb's color for that type is blue.

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