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    Orbital, part of NIntendo's Bit Generations series, has you as a star floating in space trying to create a sun by absorbing as many others stars as you can, using the gravity fields of other planets to move you.

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    The object of Orbital is to have your character, a star that is floating in space, to grow as large as it can. This is accomplished by collecting other stars. To move around you need to use the gravity fields of nearby planets. Pressing the A button will cause the satellite to be attracted to that object, getting pulled in to it's orbit. The B button will do the opposite and cause your satellite to repel, being pushed away from the object.

    Each planet has a red ring around it which represents it's orbital field.  If you are caught in this you will orbit the planet until you repel off.

    There are also obstacles, like rocks, which need to be avoided.  If you crash into one, you lose a turn.

    The game ends when you collect enough stars that a sun appears. Collect this sun and the level is over.  The faster you complete a level, the higher of a score you will receive. By finishing each of the five levels in all six galaxies, you will unlock a bonus galaxy that contains five more levels. If you collect the moon item in each galaxy, which only appears after the sun does, then you unlock an eighth galaxy.


    • Although Orbital is a Japan only release, the game is completely in English. The manual, however, is not.
    • It was released as a Wiiware game for the Nintendo Wii under the name Art Style: Orbient.

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