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    Orcs/Orks/Orques are a fictional race of tough humanlike creatures, often with green or black skin, originally coming from the Saxon word for the Normans during the invasion, meaning demon or foreigner.

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    Orcs, sometimes spelled orks or Orques, are a race that are used in many fantasy settings. Every iteration of the being is very unique, although there are many similar features that tie them together.


    Most orcs depicted are generally very savage, warlike creatures, with physical capabilities that are easily superior to humans, but their intelligence (or at least perceived intelligence) is comparatively low. They are usually considered lowly, uncivilized and sometimes evil. When in combat they often make use of scavenged, stolen, or improvised equipment of low quality, but they usually have the advantage of numbers and/or strength. This is often off set by their lack of tactics, but usually when properly lead (sometimes by an outside source) they can prove superior.


    Orcs will generally have the look of a humanoid creature with beastly, sometimes chaotic looking elements. Often a greater overall muscle mass, sometimes with a hunched over body. A head with horns/spikes protruding out, and teeth that can be jagged, uneven, and menacing. Often pigs make their way into the look of an orc, in the tusks of the mouth, or a snout-like nose. Prominent jaws and underbites are also common. A majority of orcs have green skin, but not always.

    Universes of Orcs


    Warhammer orcs (Orks in 40k) are one of the more simple kinds, with little depth that you cannot perceive from first appearance. They are big, mean, and want nothing more than to fight. Their whole culture is based on fighting, their whole race is based on fighting. It's all they live to do.

    Orcs are the original greenskinned variety, and in Warhammer they are often called just that "greenskins", along with their lesser companions the goblins, or "gits". An orc's features include massive muscles, large arms and short legs, with a forward hunch and a head that comes straight forward. Largely resembling a gorilla on it's back legs. Their mouths jut forward and are filled with large spiked teeth often two of which form protruding tusks.

    They have incredible strength and resilience. The strength to take most any object, a weapon by design or not, and use it as a lethal instrument (in some cases it is then called a "choppa"). And the resilience to take the damage that would kill most any human and live or simply continue fighting. On top of all that, they become even more powerful by fighting, not just by strengthening muscle but their physiology makes them grow larger overall from the conquering of others.

    The orc society is all based on strength. The stronger you are the more power you have. It boils down to the concept of, if you are on orc, you have authority over anyone you could beat and kill in a fight, and vice versa. In this way the leader of any group of orcs is the strongest largest one among them. Although there is no emphasis on following a leader because of his wisdom or intelligence, he would naturally have more insight due to him surviving longer where others did not, and figuring out how to kill more things than the rest. 

    Lord of the Rings

    Able to be hatched, not born, en masse - a quick devastating force for todays Dark Lord on the go. Commanded by Saruman, who is in turn commanded by Sauron himself, they have no morality, becoming cannibals if hungry enough. Their whole being is made from hate and fear and as such their main enemy to fear is their own commanding officers either sacrificing vast numbers in the quest for the ring or providing a meal for their fellow troops.

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