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    Orgrimmar is the capital city of the orcs and trolls in World of Warcraft, and is also considered by most to be the capital city of the Horde. Orgrimmar is located at the northern edge of Durotar on the continent of Kalimdor.

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    Orgrimmar serves as the Orc and Troll capital in World of Warcraft.  It is the main Horde capital city.  Players can do many things inside Orgrimmar's massive walls, including learning new skills, or trading honor and justice points for new armor.  Orgrimmar is also where you will find current Warchief Garrosh Hellscream.


    Orgrimmar was founded along with its surrounding area Durotar by Thrall. Originally the city was meant to be a safehaven for the race of Orcs only, but due to the growing threat of the Alliance it now also welcome all races of the Horde faction.  The city was named after Orgrim Doomhammer, the previous warchief of the Horde, and the original owner of Thrall's armor and warhammer.

    Additional Notes

    • After patch 4.0.3 right before release of the Cataclysm expansion, Orgrimmar experienced a huge face-lift, changing a lot of the places where certain vendors were located, and almost completely changing the architecture of the city.
    • Mannoroth's armor and skull can be seen on display outside Thrall's quarters in the Valley of Wisdom.
    • Orgrimmar has a rear entrance which is rarely inhabited by players, and only a few weak guards and vendors dwell there. This entrance is often used by Alliance raids on the city, as it also allows the quickest route to Thrall.

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