Some EA Origin accounts have been hijacked

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#1 Posted by Begilerath (178 posts) -

According to this article from Eurogamer some people had their accounts hijacked. It is not clear how spread the problem is but it seems is not something massive. In any case if you have an Origin account you should probably check if you still have access to it and maybe change your password would be a good idea.

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The title of the article makes it seem like an epidemic, but based on the text of said article, it's probably just a few people picking poor passwords and getting hijacked (like what happens on ANY online platform) and EA bungling the customer service side of things.

That said, it's always a good idea to ensure one has a strong password.

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well my account got hacked today, got an email giving me confirmation that my account email address was successfully changed, it went from my usual hotmail address to a '' email address (i booted up Fifa 12 on 360 to discover that email address)

sneaky fucking bastards, im currently trying to get onto EA live chat to recover it.

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Seems like it's all good on my end but thanks for pointing this out.

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#5 Posted by aseddon130 (72 posts) -

i definately recommend changing your password asap just in case your details have been compromised.

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#6 Posted by CABBAGES (593 posts) -

Just got the aftermath dlc for bf3 so went on to try it out. After a couple of matches went to check on battlelog and i cant log in and now i notice on my xbox it says my battlelog account is

I have just been off live chat with ea for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages and after finally getting them to actually ask me my security question instead of telling me i need to remember what the question was i have the problem sorted.

I asked them if the account on battlelog that was used to hack my account would be banned or anything and they said no i would need to report him.

EA are Fucking aresholes!!

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#7 Posted by Justin258 (14374 posts) -

I just checked my e-mail and no such issues, though I'm going to strengthen my password here in a few minutes just to make sure.

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#8 Posted by KevinK (217 posts) -

I've had my EA/Origin hacked twice before by Russian/Lithuanian hackers (based on the email addresses that the account was changed too).  EA really needs to strengthen their database security. The problem isn't on my end, I'm using randomized passwords with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. The problem is with whatever encryption they use to save passwords.

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