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    Original Zero

    Character » appears in 5 games

    Original Zero is the sub-boss of the King of Fighters 2001.

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    NESTS Saga

    Zero is a high ranking member of the NESTS Cartel and the original Zero. Zero was disgusted to hear of his clone's attempted coup d'état. He was ordered to continue NESTS agenda for world conquest. Since the fighter data on the various teams was still stored in the NESTS data base they sought to use the data to eliminate all of their opponents to easily take over the world.

    Zero traps the winning team of the 2001 tournament on a spaceship (originally disguised as a blimp). Zero's team consisted of himself, Ron, Glaugan and a revived Krizalid. Zero's team loses and the heroes find themselves facing off with Igniz.

    King of Fighters XIV

    Upon the defeat of the entity known as Verse, Zero's soul (which was trapped within it) was released.


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